Publication Announcement – Protecting the Injured: A Summary Guide to the New Auto No-Fault Law

Doctor smiling at patient with tablet

The Michigan Legislature recently enacted major changes to the Michigan Auto No-Fault Law. The most important of these changes went into effect in July 2020. These new laws will have a substantial impact on the legal rights of people seriously injured in motor vehicle collisions, as well as the medical providers whose services and care the injured so need and heavily depend on. ...

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Auto No-Fault Lawsuit Challenges New Medical Provider Fee Schedule

medical professional pushing person in a wheelchair

We recently wrote about our current lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Michigan's recent no-fault reform, specifically the new limits on family provided attendant care and the egregious fee schedule that applies to non-Medicare compensable services. In the previous article, we discussed at length the in-home attendant care challenges. In this second installment, we will further discuss the constitutionality of the new medical provider fee schedule regarding services needed by those seriously injured in Michigan motor vehicle accidents. Basics of the Current Auto No-Fault Lawsuit Challenging Family-Provided Attendant Care Caps and New Medical Provider Fee Schedule As a refresher, last year, our firm...

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Guardianship and Conservatorship in Personal Injury Law

woman kneeling and talking to other person in a wheelchair

In our many educational and informational efforts, we often discuss the unique role our court system plays in American life. However, one court we don't often cover is the Probate Court, despite the integral role it plays. One of the many important functions of the Probate Court is granting guardianship and conservatorship. As a personal injury law firm, we deal often with guardians and conservators as the result of catastrophic accidents and injuries. Recently on Fox 17 "Know the Law", Grand Rapids car accident attorney, Tom Sinas, explained what guardianship and conservatorship are, as well as how these designations impact...

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Differences Between Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

service dog and emotional support animals

Dogs are not just "man's best friend" but go by a range of names and perform a variety of useful functions, from service dogs or guide dogs to emotional support animals. Obtaining one of these animals can be a life-changing experience for a person who truly needs their specialized support, care, and services, and understanding the rules and regulations that apply to each classification of these animals is important....

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People’s Law School 2020 Goes Virtual!

People's Law School 2020 goes virtual

We are pleased to announce that this year's People's Law School is going completely virtual! This free, legal educational series is an opportunity for Michigan residents to connect with some of the leading authorities in the legal field, including judges and lawyers, to learn important and timely legal topics relevant to life right now. This year's lineup of topics focuses largely on the current legal impacts of COVID-19, our state's recent auto insurance changes, and more! We hope you will attend and Learn the Law! ...

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Recommended Michigan Car Insurance and the New No-Fault Law

Sinas Dramis insurance buying recommendations

Michigan’s new auto no-fault law is now in full effect, and many new car insurance options are available for consumers to purchase for the first time since the 1970s. The choices many people will make in response to the new auto insurance law will be dictated by the harsh economic reality of cost. People can only buy what they can afford. However, buying less than what is affordable will only invite disaster if the policyholder suffers a catastrophic injury that exceeds the selected no-fault PIP coverage levels or causes another person to suffer such an injury. As a law firm...

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