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In addition to providing excellent legal representation, we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill another part of our mission: helping people know the law. We believe we all must be properly educated about the laws, rules, and regulations that affect our everyday lives and determine how we behave. In furtherance of this mission, we have created a series of blogs dedicated to keeping you informed about important changes in Michigan law and how those changes may affect you. Learn about each of our legal blogs below.


Sinas Dramis Law Blog
Interested in keeping up with the latest in Michigan personal injury law as well as Sinas Dramis news? For the latest legal developments and how they may impact your rights to learning about what our firm is doing both inside and outside the courtroom, visit the Sinas Dramis Law Blog.

Auto No-Fault Law Blog
Featured on our website dedicated to Michigan auto no-fault law and the types of claims and issues that arise under it, this blog covers updated to the law, insight into the provisions of the law, analysis into technological developments that may impact your rights under no-fault law, as well as the ways our firm is helping people like you fight for their rights under the law. Follow our Auto No-Fault Law Blog.

Sinas Dramis Family Law Blog
Covering highly relevant topics in Michigan family and domestic relations law, such as child support, child custody issues, divorce law, mediation,  and parenting and grandparenting time, our informative family law blog is your destination for further understanding issues that arise under Michigan family law. Visit our Michigan Family Law Blog.

Sinas Dramis Bicycle Law Blog
The Sinas Dramis bicycle law blog covers a variety of issues, ranging from updates on Michigan bicycle advocacy efforts, monitoring the progress in making Michigan more bicycle friendly, to reiterating the rules and laws that govern both Michigan motorists and bicyclists as they share the road. To stay abreast on these and similar issues, visit our Bicycle Law Blog.