About the Sinas Dramis Law Firm

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The Sinas Dramis Law Firm has been helping the people of Michigan since 1951. Hear more about our firm from Michigan auto accident attorney George T. Sinas, managing partner of the firm.

Do you know what questions to ask, or what you need to consider, when you’re choosing a law firm to fight for your rights? Watch this video to find out.

Evaluating your potential legal claim takes time, if done correctly. We will tell you if your claim is valid and what your legal options may be. Contact us today.

Divorce. Child custody. Spousal support. Child support. These are some of the issues that our domestic relations attorneys handle. Hear more about our Family Law Division from Michigan family law attorney Bernard F. Finn.

“George T. Sinas –  2013 Michigan Lawyer of the Year and 2014 Champion of Justice”

“The Sinas Dramis Law Firm: We Wrote the Book on Auto No-Fault Law”

“Take Time to Choose”

“2001 Legislative Tribute”