Accidents on I-196 Near Grand Rapids

For those living in West Michigan but outside of the city of Grand Rapids, it’s likely they’re all too familiar with traffic that can be found on I-196 East and West. As one of the busiest roadways running through and around the city, it’s no surprise that the number of accidents on 196 near Grand Rapids qualifies as one of our Michigan dangerous roads.

According to data provided by Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, from January 1st, 2017 through December 31st, 2021, a total of 3,129 crashes occurred on I-196 from 44th Street in Grandville to the 196 96 interchanges in East Grand Rapids. This section of road crosses right through the heart of the city and intersects with another dangerous road in our campaign, accidents on US-131 near Grand Rapids.

As part of our examination of crash statistics on I-196, we broke down the sections of the roadway we consider the most dangerous. To make this determination we looked at the areas with the most accidents on I-196 near Grand Rapids. When looking at the data we selected the top five locations with the highest number of crashes, and we’ve detailed those below.

Most Dangerous Sections of I-196 Near Grand Rapids

East I-196 Near I-96 Interchange

Based on the numbers, our most dangerous section of I-196 near Grand Rapids is eastbound near the interchange with I-96. Near this section of road, motorists merge with traffic already heading East toward Lansing. Additionally, this section picks up a great deal of traffic from major roadways like Fulton and East Beltline. With motorists entering, and exiting the roadway, in addition to switching lanes, it makes driving through this stretch particularly tricky. A total of 70 crashes have occurred in this section from 2017 through 2021.

East and West I-196 Near Bridge Street Curve

Our next three sections of our top five all fall on East and West I-196 near Bridge Street where the road curves around the city heading to and from US-131. A total of 68, 61, and 61 crashes all occurred in this area over the last five years respectively. This section of road is known in the Grand Rapids area for its sharp curves, right before the on-ramp from a heavily populated Lake Michigan Drive.

East I-196 Near Market Avenue

Our final location in our top five most dangerous sections of I-196 near Grand Rapids, where 54 crashes occurred over the last five years is Eastbound near Market Avenue. An area known for high volumes of rush hour traffic, in the later years home to construction, it’s not uncommon for slowdowns to occur both morning and evening.

Avoiding Accidents on I-196 Near Grand Rapids

Motor vehicle crashes aren’t always avoidable, but the Grand Rapids auto accident attorneys at Sinas Dramis law firm offer a few tips that drivers can consider, to help keep them and their passengers safe. Some of those include the following:

  • Obeying Traffic Laws
  • Taking Extra Precautions During Rain/Snow
  • Limiting Distractions
  • Take Extra Caution in Construction Zones

Even when following these tips, crashes still occur, and in some cases, those crashes result in serious injuries. Sinas Dramis Law Firm has handled these types of cases for more than 70 years and will happily provide you with a free consultation, and help you figure out your next steps.