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What is “The Legal Answer?”

More than 70 years ago, Sinas Dramis Law Firm opened the firm’s doors for the first time in Lansing, ready to serve those wrongfully injured across the state. Now, over seven decades later, the firm is one of Michigan’s leaders in personal injury law, with offices and attorneys across the state helping those who need assistance following injuries sustained due to negligence of another. The firm created “The Legal Answer,” A show that airs bi-monthly on WILX Studio 10, in hopes of engaging with the public about the realm of personal injury law, answering questions, and providing helpful information that is good for everyone to know about Michigan laws.

The firm hopes “The Legal Answer” can shed some light on personal injury law in Michigan, by providing facts and clearing up misconceptions you often hear associated with this area of practice. This includes many questions that deal with the aftermath of a motor vehicle crash and Michigan Auto No-Fault Laws. Sinas Dramis Law Firm is known as an authority on the topic of state motor vehicle laws, and dedicates a lot of time to educating the public on what they need to know should they be involved in a crash, particularly those that result in serious injuries.

Unfortunately, tragedies happen every day in the United States, and it’s our hope, should the unfortunate circumstance something happen to you or a loved one, that “The Legal Answer” could help you better understand your rights. Many myths and untrue facts surround personal injury attorneys and cases, many of which will be addressed and discussed.

If you have a question about personal injury law or the legal rights of someone injured in Michigan, please fill out the form to the right, to have your question potentially answered on the show!

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Meet “The Legal Answer” Team!

Stephen Sinas

Stephen, a partner at Sinas Dramis Law Firm founded by his grandfather, is a dedicated civil trial lawyer specializing in personal injury law. He is committed to advocating for those harmed by the negligent actions of others and takes pride in representing his clients with passion and diligence. Additionally, Steve is an Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University College of Law, teaching Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Law. His expertise extends to representing clients in auto negligence and various personal injury matters, including trucking accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle, and pedestrian cases. His work reflects a deep commitment to justice and the rights of the injured.

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Attorney Steve Sinas

Katie Tucker

Katie Tucker, a personal injury attorney and partner at Sinas Dramis Law Firm, specializes in advocating for individuals affected by Michigan auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian incidents, and slip-and-falls. She leads the firm’s no-fault medical provider practice group, successfully recovering significant sums for various medical services in trial and appellate courts statewide. Additionally, Katie’s advocacy extends to securing compensation for individuals suffering from traumatic injuries or families grieving lost loved ones in auto accidents. As a Michigan State University alumna, she has deep roots in East Lansing and is committed to the local and state community. Actively involved in the Mid-Michigan legal community, Katie has held leadership roles in several legal associations and contributes to local charitable causes.

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Attorney Katie Tucker