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Were You in a Motorcycle Crash?

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lansing Can Help Protect Your Rights

Motorcycle accidents in Lansing and throughout Michigan are very unique situations that require special attention. You might be wondering if you need to contact an attorney. The answer to that is yes! The legal system is complex, and understanding how the law works is essential when filing a motorcycle crash claim.

Over the years, our Lansing motorcycle lawyers have represented several victims involved in motorcycle crashes, and we are there to represent the best interests of our clients.

In 2020, Ingham County accounted for 76 motorcycle involved crashes according to the Michigan State Police. In fact, Ingham was listed in the top ten counties in Michigan for having one of the highest number of accidents involving motorcycles. Both fatalities and injuries were the result, according to these statistics, and oftentimes the accident was not the fault of the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Accidents Reported in Ingham County

Here are a few intersections in or near Lansing where motorcycle injuries and fatalities have been reported:

  • US-127 near I-496
  • Tecumseh River Rd & N Waverly Rd
  • S Pennsylvania Ave & Vernon Ave
  • W Shiawassee St and N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
  • Albert Ave and Durand St
  • More dangerous roads in Lansing

Our Team of Lansing Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at our Lansing law firm, with other locations throughout Michigan,  understand the severity of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash. The aftermath can be an overwhelming process. We also understand the anguish families go through when a motorcycle accident results in the fatality of a loved one. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys have helped countless victims and families recover damages and compensation for their suffering.

Are you looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Lansing, Michigan?

Sinas Dramis Law Firm has been in Lansing since 1951. We have since expanded with five offices across the state of Michigan. We are well-equipped and ready to help injured people throughout many of the Great Lakes regions.

From our Lansing attorneys to our Grand Rapids motorcycle accident lawyers to Kalamazoo, Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, we’re available throughout Michigan and ready to help you.


Liability settlement recovery for a man injured in a motorcycle accident in Ingham County, Michigan; injuries included a traumatic brain injury, shoulder injury, and knee injury.

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Motorcycle-automobile collision involving skilled tradesman who sustained severe orthopedic injuries, including a fracture to his pelvic ring, right acetabulum and humerus.

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