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As personal injury attorneys, Michigan wrongful death claims are some of the most difficult cases we litigate on behalf of our clients. In nature, wrongful death is a death that results from the negligence of someone else and their actions. For our clients, we know how difficult this can be while you’re still grieving the loss of a loved one. While a claim cannot replace the loss, the mission of a Lansing wrongful death lawyer is to present a successful case, allowing surviving parties of the deceased to receive damages from the person/persons whose actions contributed to their loved ones passing.

Why Hire A Lansing Wrongful Death Attorney?

Under Michigan’s Wrongful Death Law, there is a process that surviving parties of the deceased must follow to successfully pursue a claim. In addition, there are some things that must be considered, to determine if there is merit for a wrongful death claim.

  1. Statute of Limitations – In Michigan, the statute of limitations or time after the death in which you have to file a claim is confusing. In many cases, that limit would be three years from the time the person died that you would have to file a claim, but in some cases, that time limit can be extended. Your attorney can help you figure out your options. It’s suggested that speaking with an attorney sooner rather than later is always the best course of action.
  2. Personal Representative – If there is merit for a wrongful death claim, then your attorney will help you or another family member become the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate. This must happen before a wrongful death claim can be prosecuted. An experienced wrongful death attorney will get this process started right away and can help you take the next steps once appointed.

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At Sinas Dramis Law Firm, our attorneys in Lansing have handled wrongful death and personal injury claims for more than 70 years. Whether it’s a severe injury, or someone you love has died, we understand you’re looking for help, and it doesn’t cost you anything to ask questions. When you contact our office, we’re going to provide you with a free consultation, meaning, we’ll talk to you about your situation, figure out if you have a case, and even if we can’t help, we’ll point you in the right direction. If we can help and you select us to handle your case, under our contingency fee agreement, you don’t pay us anything unless we win or settle your case.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Lansing | Meet Your Team

Sinas Dramis Law Firm is proud to represent all of Michigan, regardless of where you’re located. With our headquarters in Lansing, we also have wrongful death attorneys in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Metro Detroit. If you’re not located in any of these areas, one of our attorneys can come to you and we will accommodate.

Our Lansing office is home to a number of experienced attorneys who’ve been handling these case types for decades. Those attorneys include:

  • Firm Partners: George Sinas, Mike Larkin, Jim Graves, Bryan Waldman, Steve Sinas, and Katie Tucker
  • Associate Attorneys: Kevin Komar, Lauren Kissel, Joel Finnell

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Our Results On Behalf Of Our Clients

  • $5,000,000 – Wrongful death arbitration award after an 18-year-old woman caused by the negligence of a drunk driver.
  • $3,000,000 – Wrongful death settlement for 56-year-old man who died resulting from police misconduct.
  • $3,000,000 – Wrongful death settlement for 43-year-old man with wife and two minor children. Semi-truck / motor vehicle collision.
  • $2,500,000 – Wrongful death settlement of a 55-year-old man as a result of a motorcycle collision.
  • $2,150,000 – Wrongful death settlement after 24-year-old was killed in a vehicle collision.
  • $2,000,000 – Settlement after the wrongful death of a 53-year-old man killed in a collision with a semi-truck.
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