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The brochures listed below are available as PDFs, which you can download and print. If you would like us to mail you free hard copies of any of our brochures or informational materials, we are happy to do so. To order hard copies, please complete the Sinas Dramis Law Firm Brochures Request Form.


Navigating the Chaos: The New No-Fault Legislation

Michigan’s auto no-fault law was reformed in 2019 bringing significant changes to the state’s auto insurance industry. George Sinas, Stephen Sinas, and Thomas Sinas spent countless hours pouring over this legislation following its passage and offer a free, comprehensive summary of its many changes.

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The Michigan Auto No-Fault Law: Your Rights & Benefits (8th ed.)

For more than 20 Years, the Sinas Dramis Law Firm has compiled and made available to the Michigan medical community complimentary copies of this booklet. The purpose of the booklet is to offer patients and providers useful information about the extensive rights and benefits available under Michigan’s auto no-fault law, so those rights and benefits are protected during dealings with insurance companies.

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Buyer's Guide to Auto No-Fault Insurance Coverage

A Buyer’s Guide To Auto No-Fault Insurance Coverages (1st ed.)

The Sinas Dramis Law Firm makes available this brochure as a way to help you determine whether your automobile insurance adequately protects you and your family. With this brochure, you can make the right decisions about your insurance needs.

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No-Fault in a Nutshell

The No-Fault system in Michigan can be a complicated set of laws to understand. No-fault expert, George Sinas, created this simple yet comprehensive tool to help people understand their no-fault policy and answer some of the most common questions we hear about this area of law.

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Michigan Motorcycle No Fault Law

Motorcyclists and the Michigan No-Fault Law (2nd ed.)

Michigan’s no-fault law can be confusing for motorcycle owners, operators and passengers. The purpose of this booklet is to explain the basic operations of Michigan’s auto no-fault law as it applies to motorcyclists, and to answer some frequently asked questions.

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Motorcycle Helmet Law in Michigan

The New Motorcycle Helmet Law: Know the Rules

As of 2012, Michigan motorcycle operators and passengers may ride without wearing helmets. However, the right to ride without a helmet is subject to certain rules. This booklet summarizes the law and what motorcyclists need to know.

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Divorce In Michigan: An Informational Guide

The Sinas Dramis Law Firm offers this guide as a tool to help answer general questions about divorce proceedings and other domestic relations issues. It is not intended to answer specific questions about a particular case, as every case is different.

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