Sinas Dramis Video Interviews

Below are in-depth videos that provide insight on the types of cases we handle and the injuries we have seen throughout our more than 60 years of law practice. We have represented countless individuals in their auto accident, personal injury, bicycle accident and family law matters.

Michigan Auto No-Fault


George Sinas talks about Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system, one of the most comprehensive in the nation.

No-fault PIP benefits are typically paid by your insurance company. Learn about PIP benefits and potential claims that may arise from them.

What should you do … and not do … after a car accident? George Sinas explains what you need to know.

Drunk driving accidents are subject to Michigan’s auto no-fault laws. However, other considerations must also be kept in mind.

Semi-trucks and other large trucks regularly travel our highways. Being involved in a semi-truck accident can lead to severe injury, or even death. Our attorneys have successfully handled these types of claims.

Motorcyclists may recover no-fault PIP benefits, but only if the accident involves a motor vehicle. George Sinas discusses what Michigan motorcyclists need to know.

Injured bicyclists and pedestrians can often get no-fault benefits. George Sinas explains how the no-fault law applies to these vulnerable roadway users.

Auto accidents victims not only benefit from Michigan’s comprehensive auto no-fault law — medical providers that treat accident victims also have protections.

Other Michigan Personal Injury Claims


In wrongful death cases, persons can only sue to recover certain benefits set forth in statute. Jim Graves explains Michigan wrongful death claims.

Spinal cord injuries may result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. Experts are often needed to determine life expectancy, lost earnings, lost services and a life care plan. Learn more.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is also known as “the silent killer.” George Sinas explains these injuries, and why it’s important to focus on their treatment and how to prevent them.

Amputation injuries are often seen in severe auto accidents. Recently, there has been increasing litigation over prosthetic limb payments.

Burn injuries can occur in many situations. Jim Graves discusses some of these.

Nursing home abuse cases are becoming more frequent due to an aging population. Learn more from Jim Graves.

Certain government entities are charged with keeping our roadways reasonably safe, otherwise injury or death may occur. Jim Graves explains highway defect cases.

State and federal regulations apply in construction zones. When construction zone accidents happen, some of these regulations have often been violated. Learn more about these kinds of claims.

When airplane accidents occur, it is crucial to distinguish whether it is a general or commercial case. Find out what this means and why it is important.

Michigan Family Law


Our domestic relations attorneys have helped countless Michigan families deal with separation, divorce, support and other sensitive issues. Bernie Finn talks about the firm’s family law practice.

Division of marital property is one aspect of divorce. Learn what is involved.

Spousal support (formerly called alimony) may be awarded in a divorce. It may also be revised or ended, depending on the circumstances.

Dividing sizeable assets in a divorce can be complicated. We have experience in this area.