Top Five Dangerous Roadways in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Determining Dangerous Roadways in Grand Rapids

While not the largest city in Michigan, you’ll still find quite a bit of traffic in and around Grand Rapids, and where there’s heavy congestion, it also means they’re often a number of motor vehicular crashes in the area. As part of Sinas Dramis Law Firm’s “Dangerous roads in Michigan Campaign,” we took a look at the data, to motorists stay safe, by identifying which areas we consider are the top five dangerous roadways in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Using information and statistics supplied by Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, we took a look at an 11.29-mile radius that covers the entire city of grand rapids the major roadways running in and out of the city. For this report, we focused on the last five years, 2017 through 2021, and found there were 96,807 crashes within this designated area. The radius includes US-131, I-96, and I-196. What might surprise motorists, is that while the highways are home to many of the reported crashes over those last few years, only one section of US-131 made the top five locations for the most crashes in the five year stretch.

Five Grand Rapids Roadways with the Most Crashes

When breaking our information down, it might not shock anyone, that making the top five list multiple times was 28th street. This street is home to many restaurants and stores of all kinds, including a mall, and is known for its stop-and-go driving, as cars make their way from one end to the other crossing multiple traffic lights and turning in both directions. Learn about the three locations on our list, plus the two most dangerous Grand Rapids roadways below.

1. Northbound US-131 Near MLK Onramp

No surprise, the most dangerous area in our target location where 261 crashes occurred in the last 5 years, falls on North US-131, Near the Martin Luther King Junior St on-ramp. The area is right in downtown Grand Rapids and sees a lot of traffic with people coming into town, heading to populated streets like Wealthy and Fulton.

2. Alpine Avenue Northwest Near 4 Mile Road

Falling at number two of our Grand Rapids top five most dangerous roadways might come as a surprise to some, as it is a little further North of the city, and a little way off the highway. Alpine Avenue Northwest just north of 4 Mile Road near the local Walmart saw 253 crashes over the last five years. Just outside of Comstock Park, this road sees a great deal of traffic with motorists heading toward Kenowa Hills High School, Comstock Park High School, and Lake Michigan Credit Union Ball Park.

3. 28th Street Near Crumble Cookie & Trader Joes

Our next 3 locations on our top five Grand Rapids Dangerous Roadways, are all on 28th street. Home to many businesses, particular stores and restaurants, including the Woodland mall, the amount of traffic on these roads can be overwhelming. The location seeing the third most number of crashes, 249, on our list is 28th street near Crumble Cookie Trader Joe’s. With many popular locations including the two mentioned plus Jersey Mikes and Chick-fil-A, many drivers are stopping and turning in both directions in this area.

4. 28th Street Near Discount Tire and Harvey Automotive

Just down the road, the fourth spot on our top five, also 28th Street, saw 234 crashes in the last five years. This spot is located between Discount Tire and Harvey Automotive. Just a couple of blocks down from the third spot on the list, this area is also highly congested with businesses, and restaurants, and sees a fair share of stop-and-go, making crashes more likely.

5. 28th Street East of US-131

Rounding out our top five Most Dangerous Roadways in Grand Rapids is again 28th Street, just east of US-131. With businesses and restaurants, and an influx of traffic exiting the highway on their way to places along the beltline, it’s no surprise this area saw 225 crashes in the last five years.

Protect Yourself and Other Motorists When Traveling the Top Five Dangerous Roadways in Grand Rapids

  • Be aware of the existing dangers, including merging lanes and heavy traffic patterns.
  • Share this awareness with your family and friends.
  • Take extra precautions when traveling through the area.
  • Be cautious of roadway construction and slowdowns
  • Do not get distracted while driving (for example, do not use a cell phone) and stay focused on the road.

When a car crash happens, the days and weeks following can be confusing, and complicated for those involved, especially if serious injuries are sustained. Sinas Dramis Law Firm’s Grand Rapids auto accident attorneys have decades of experience helping those with injuries ensure they get the compensation and benefits they deserve. If you or someone you love needs legal assistance, contact our office for a free consultation at 616-301-3333.