Celebrating the Achievements of George Sinas: Michigan Lawyers Weekly “Newsmaker of the Year”

George Sinas 2023 Newsmaker of the Year

Michigan’s legal landscape is rich with talented, dedicated attorneys who strive to uphold the law and advocate for justice. Among these distinguished professionals, George Sinas stands out as a luminary. The Sinas Dramis Law Firm is proud to announce that Michigan Lawyers Weekly is recognizing George Sinas as their first-ever Newsmaker of the Year.

A Landmark Case with a Profound Impact

This recognition comes on the heels of his notable work on Andary v. USAA Casualty Insurance Company, decided by the Michigan Supreme Court in July of 2023. His leadership in that case resulted in the Supreme Court Ruling that the severe insurance benefit reductions contained in the 2019 no-fault legislative amendments, could not be retroactively applied to accident victims, who were insured and injured before those amendments were enacted. As a result of that ruling, thousands of catastrophically injured accident victims were able to retain life-sustaining medical benefits, upon which they had relied. In addition to his work on Andary, and as General Counsel for the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN), George Sinas has been at the forefront of advocacy, fighting for the rights and protection of stakeholders within Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system. This case is just one of many examples of George’s unwavering commitment to the rights of wrongfully injured individuals and the principle that justice should remain accessible and intact for all.

Experience, Awards and Recognitions

With nearly 40 years of experience representing the seriously injured across Michigan, George Sinas has become synonymous with personal injury law in both Lansing and the State of Michigan. His service as past President of the Michigan Association for Justice and his tenure as Chairperson of the State Bar Negligence Law Section underscore his leadership and dedication to legal excellence.

It’s no surprise, that George’s career comes with multi-million-dollar judgments and settlements in favor of his clients. These successes are reflections of his skill, but also of his belief in the legal system as a means of redress for the wronged. His accolades, including the “Champion of Justice” award from the Michigan Association for Justice and the “Michigan Lawyer of the Year” also from Michigan Lawyers Weekly, speak to his status within the legal community. Additionally, George has been a recipient of many awards and recognitions from legal associations across Michigan. Some of those include the Cline Schreier Award for Excellence from the State Bar of Michigan, the Thomas E. Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award from the Ingham County Bar Association, and he’s also listed by Michigan Super Law, Leading Lawyers, and Best Lawyers in America. These honors not only highlight his prowess as a litigator but also his peers’ respect for his work ethic and legal acumen.

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The Newsmaker of the Year award from Michigan Lawyers Weekly is more than a professional honor; it is a recognition of George Sinas’s profound influence on the fabric of Michigan’s legal community. His work, both past and present, serves as an enduring legacy of advocacy, education, and unwavering commitment to justice. Michigan, and indeed the field of personal injury law, is all the richer for his contributions.

Please Join Everyone at Sinas Dramis Law Firm in congratulating George on this much-deserved award!