Auto Accidents on I-496 and US-127 Lansing Interchange

Understanding Dangerous Roads in Lansing

The I-496 and US-127 interchange is one of the most dangerous roadways for auto accidents in the Lansing, Michigan area. This interchange, where the two major highways come together for a three-mile stretch, was the site of 977 motor vehicle crashes from January 1, 2016, through December 31, 2020.

The I-496 and US-127 area is dangerous for several reasons, including heavy traffic, especially in the morning and early evening hours. In addition, the roadway has multiple entrance and exit ramps, and drivers are confronted with shifting traffic patterns and numerous lane mergers.

The riskiest area of the interchange is near Trowbridge Road, where both US 127 and I-496 cross paths.

Lansing Dangerous Roads – US-127 and I-496 Interchange

As part of Sinas Dramis Law Firm’s Understanding Dangerous Roads campaign, our Lansing car accident attorneys bring awareness to the dangerous roads and intersections in the Lansing area and surrounding communities so motorists are better able to navigate these sections of dangerous roadways and improve travel safety.

Lansing car accident lawyer, Stephen Sinas, explains the dangers of the US-127 and I-496 interchange.

Southbound US-127 & I-496 Interchange Near Trowbridge Road

Over the last five years, the most dangerous place for drivers along the corridor is the South US-127 & I-496 interchange near Trowbridge Road. This area was responsible for 54 crashes from 2016 to 2020. The area is home to several entrance and exit ramps for Trowbridge Road, where many additional accidents have also occurred. The area is always highly populated, with people entering and leaving East Lansing and Michigan State University’s campus.

Eastbound I-496 Between Jolly and Dunckel

Equally as dangerous over the last five years, East I-496 between Jolly and Dunkel Roads, where 53 crashes were reported in the given time. The stretch of road is located on a curve, and often sees a high volume of traffic particularly in the early morning and evening hours. This also results in vehicles traveling close together side by side, and at changing speeds depending on congestion of the area.

Southbound US 127 Near Frandor Shopping Plaza & I-496

Forty-nine crashes occurred on US 127 near Frandor Shopping Plaza just ahead of the interchange on to I-496 with entrances on and off the highly populated Saginaw Highway. This area is highly congested during work rush hours, with people using this stretch as they make their way downtown. Most crashes in this area are associated with drivers switching lanes without making sure it is safe.

Eastbound I-496 South of Trowbridge Road and US-127/I-496 Interchange

Our final area of focus, where 47 crashes have occurred in the last five years, is eastbound I-496 just south of Trowbridge Road. The location is between several curves and is highly congested as it’s also located in the heart of Michigan State University’s campus.

Data pulled from Michigan Traffic Crash Facts website.

To protect yourself and other motorists when traveling the I-496 and US-127 interchange:

  • Be aware of the existing dangers, including merging lanes and heavy traffic patterns.
  • Share this awareness with your family and friends.
  • Take extra precaution when traveling through the area.
  • Do not get distracted while driving (for example, do not use a cell phone) and stay focused on the road.

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