“Our first role as a lawyer is to explain things to people and let them know that we’re there to cover these difficult insurance claims or legal issues so that they can focus on what matters. They can focus on getting better. They can focus on taking care of their loved ones and know that these other issues are going to be handled by us.” ~ Steve Sinas

Stephen H. Sinas

I’m Stephen Sinas, thanks for visiting my page. Chances are, you’re looking for a reputable Michigan personal injury attorney or Michigan car accident lawyer. I hope the following information regarding my career, practice, and experience helps in your search.

What kind of lawyer am I and who are my clients?

I’m proud to say I am a civil trial lawyer. I specialize in what’s commonly known as “personal injury law.” Unfortunately, with rampant misinformation in the media and tacky legal advertising practices, many personal injury lawyers get a bad rap. However, the truth is that personal injury trial lawyers, such as myself, have the honorable duty of advocating for those seriously injured or harmed by the wrongdoing of another person, company, or government. Every day, I passionately embrace that duty when I come to work. It is my privilege to represent my clients. As their advocate, I must effectively tell their story in order to fully pursue all rights and insurance benefits they are entitled to under the law. I owe it to my clients to use my skill, knowledge, and compassion to provide the very best representation they so deserve.

Michigan Car Accidents and No-Fault Claims

Michigan auto injury cases are one of my primary specialties. In particular, I regularly represent people in auto negligence cases for injuries or deaths in crashes involving motor vehicles, semi-trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

I also specialize in litigating against auto insurance companies that wrongfully deny payment of no-fault benefits to injured people. I have had extensive experience handling complicated disputes over no-fault benefits for catastrophically injured auto crash survivors. It’s disturbing how many injured people in Michigan are wrongfully denied no-fault benefits by auto insurance companies. I proudly help these people recover what they are rightfully entitled to under the law.

Request a Free Personal Injury Consultation

In addition to auto-related cases, I also handle a wide variety of other personal injury matters, including sexual assault cases, premises liability cases, dog bites, and many others.

Civil Justice

I also represent people who have suffered an injury as a result of the violation of their constitutional rights by the government. In that regard, I have handled notable civil actions on behalf of those who were wrongfully shot and killed by law enforcement officials. These cases cause me to reflect on the delicate balance with law enforcement officials we must protect. Undoubtedly, we must always support and protect the extremely courageous men and women who serve in law enforcement. At the same time, however, we must make sure that no one is above the law.

Connect with Stephen Sinas

Email: stevesinas@sinasdramis.com
Phone: 517-394-7500
Toll Free: 866-758-0031

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What are my professional and educational credentials?

I am a partner at Sinas Dramis Law Firm which was founded in 1951 by my grandfather, Thomas Sinas, and his friend, Lee Dramis. Currently, I have the privilege of practicing alongside my father, George, and brother, Tom. I am proud of my family’s history of legal excellence. It deepens my passion, purpose, and insight as an attorney further. In addition, I am just as proud to work with my other partners and the many other tremendously talented and hardworking attorneys and staff who are so fundamentally important to the firm’s success.


I am an Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University College of Law, where I teach a course on Michigan’s auto no-fault system. Because there can be so much misinformation and polarization about the legal system these days, I especially appreciate a fair, academic assessment of the law. My teaching opportunity at MSU Law School provides me that outlet and also helps me stay up-to-date on the law so I can best represent my clients. In addition to teaching, I also present numerous lectures and have published various articles on personal injury and civil justice matters.

Leadership Roles and Community Service

I believe lawyers should do everything they can to further the causes they believe in and give back. In that effort, I serve in the following leadership capacities:

  • In furtherance of my commitment to the pursuit of civil justice for the injured and wronged, I serve as a Member of the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) Executive Board.
  • In recognition of my deep commitment to the brain injury community and passion for protecting their rights, I am recognized as a Preferred Attorney by the Brain Injury Association of America.
  • I am committed to helping the brain injury community. In that regard, I serve as a Board Member of the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council (MBIPC).
  • I am committed to preserving and protecting the reasonable need coverage currently provided by the Michigan auto no-fault law to auto accident victims. Accordingly, I serve as Legal Counsel for the Coalition for Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN).
  • As a Lansing personal injury attorney, I am deeply committed to the Tri-County area of Eaton, Ingham, and Clinton counties. As such, I am a Fellow with the Ingham County Bar Foundation.
  • To help serve my local legal community, I am a proud Board Member and Secretary of the Ingham County Bar Association.
  • To help serve my local legal community, I am a proud Board Member, former Secretary, and current Treasurer of the Ingham County Bar Association (ICBA).
  • In furtherance of my deep commitment to the ethical practice of law, from 2012-2018, I served as a Member of the State Bar of Michigan’s Character & Fitness Committee (District E)
  • I served as a Board Member for the Ingham County Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section from 2012 to 2015.

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan with dual majors in Economics and English Literature. Furthermore, I minored in Modern Greek Language and Culture.

I received my law degree from Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to my academic classes, I further educated myself on the litigation and trial process through involvement in trial advocacy programs. Throughout most of law school, I worked as a law clerk at a reputable Detroit personal injury and labor law firm, Sachs Waldman, P.C. I also worked as a law clerk for the Detroit civil rights firm, Constitutional Litigation Associates, P.C.

More about me as a person.

I live with my wife and two sons in East Lansing. I try to remain curious about the world. Because of this, I read and learn as much as my free time allows and love music of all kinds. I’m also dedicated to physical fitness and have participated in a wide variety of endurance athletic events, including several marathons. I find exercising is not only essential to my physical health but also my mental well-being. My appreciation for physical fitness and exercise helps me to better advocate for injured people. In this regard, I try my best to use this appreciation to convey the true extent of loss a person suffers when seriously injured and cannot enjoy the same level of physical activity they enjoyed before their accident.

I hope this helps you better understand my credentials and perspective as a civil trial lawyer. If you have suffered an injury and are looking for legal representation, our firm would be honored to provide you a free consultation to discuss how we could help.


Noteworthy Cases

A Few of Steve’s Notable Recent Results

$7,775,000 Steve dedicated a significant portion of 2018 advocating for one Michigan family in the aftermath of a catastrophic auto accident which resulted in serious physical injuries, emotional and psychological trauma, and the untimely death of a loved one.
$2,500,000 Lansing semi-truck accident catastrophically injuring a 19-year-old woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury, multiple facial, neck, and leg fractures.
$950,000 Underinsured motorist settlement recovery on behalf of the estate of a Michigan resident killed in a motor vehicle crash that occurred in Florida. The recovery also included compensation for the person’s wife, who sustained minor injuries in the crash. The couple was insured under a policy that included $1 million UIM benefits. The liability of the at-fault driver was contested, as the driver appeared to be having an emergency medical event at the time of the crash, which could have negated his liability entirely.
$600,000 Motorcyclist was struck by a turning vehicle and hit head-on. Sustained multiple right upper extremity injuries.
$3,000,000 Settlement for the wrongful death of a 56-year-old man resulting from police misconduct/unjustified use of lethal force.
$1,000,000 Macomb County motor vehicle/pedestrian collision resulting in brain injury and other injuries. Liability was contested as the client-pedestrian was struck at nighttime while jaywalking and wearing dark clothing.
$873,353.57 Recovery of Michigan no-fault benefits for his client, a Lansing man injured in an automobile accident who sustained a serious brain injury.
$536,857 With a settlement offer vastly insufficient for compensating Steve’s client for his serious injuries, Steve and his client proceeded to trial where the jury awarded a verdict nearly five times the amount offered by the insurance company.
$500,000 Policy limit settlement for 26-year-old Lansing woman violently attacked by a dog while working for lawn care service; sustained fractures, scarring, and psychological injury.

These are just a few of Steve’s results on behalf of his clients. More of the firm’s results can be found here.

Media Appearances and Interviews

As part of the firm’s mission to help Michigan residents understand the legal system, Stephen is regularly called upon to help explain a person’s rights regarding personal injury law, auto accidents, and the auto no-fault law. 

In partnership with WLAJ 53, Steve regularly appears on “In the Name of the Law” as the show’s foremost thought leader on personal injury law. You can watch all episodes of “In the Name of the Law” here.  

A few of Steve’s other media appearances and interviews include: 

Duggan Warns Detroiters: ‘Act for Yourself’ or Pay High Auto Insurance Premiums (2020) – interview for Detroit News article regarding a June 2020 town hall hosted by Mayor Duggan explaining new auto insurance consumer choices. 

Cut-Rate Insurance (2020) – interview by DBusiness Journal regarding whether or not Michiganders will really receive the auto insurance premium rate reduction they were promised as Michigan’s no-fault reform comes into full effect July 1, 2020. 

Lawmakers to Committee: Residents Demand Major No-Fault Fix (2019) – Crain’s Detroit quoted Steve in an article regarding the demand of Michigan residents to fix the no-fault system and provide rate relief. 

Motorcyclists Worry Insurance Reform Law Leaves Them Vulnerable(2019) – interview by The Detroit News to describe the apparent motorcyclist loophole created by the auto no-fault reform. 

No-Fault Supports Say Capping Medical Benefits Hurts Consumers, Does Little to Bring Down Cost(2019) – a conversation with Stateside by Michigan Radio regarding the state’s recent passage of the no-fault reform legislation. 

Great Lakes Restoration Plan; Michigan Murder Mystery; Auto No-Fault Reform Pushback (2019) – interview by Michigan Radio to discuss the pushback to no-fault reform efforts. 

Off the Record Interviews Steve Sinas (2019) – Steve discussed the no-fault reform issues with Bill Ballenger, Emily Lawler, Jonathan Oosting, and capitol correspondent Tim Skubick. 

Whitmer Signs Historic No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform Bill(2019) – The Detroit News interviewed Steve, who describes the signing of the new no-fault legislation by Gov. Whitmer a “very sad day.” 

MDOT Considers Improvements to US-127/I-496 Interchange(2018) – Steve discussed his concerns with this stretch of dangerous highway as a commuter who travels it every day with WLNS 6. 

What Are Your Rights As An Airline Passenger?(2017) – spoke with Lansing’s WILX Channel 10 about airline passenger rights, in light of a United Airlines incident where a passenger was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight. 

Awards & Recognition

Steve has been honored to receive several awards and recognitions throughout his career, including the following: 

  • Recognized as a Michigan Super Lawyer in the field of Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Law (2013-present)
  • Recognized as a Leading Lawyers in the field Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Law (2018-present)
  • Selected as an Ingham County Bar Foundation Fellow, a distinction given to only 5% of attorneys practicing in Ingham County Michigan
  • Won the 2019 Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law Review Distinguished Brief Award for the best civil law brief filed in the Michigan Supreme Court (2019)
  • Selected as an Ingham County “Top 5 Under 35” attorney (2013)
  • Won the Michigan State Bar Negligence Section Law School Writing Competition (2007)

Speaking Engagements

This is not a complete list, but a sample of some of Steve’s speaking engagements during his career.

Changes to Auto No-Fault Practice – Detroit Bar Association, March 2021

Right to Recover Medical Expenses in Auto Tort Cases – MBIPC’s 5th Annual Auto No-Fault Boot Camp for Medical Providers, January 2021

New Auto No-Fault Reform – People’s Law School, October 2020

No-Fault Reform – virtual presentation with Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, June 2020

Michigan’s New Auto No-Fault Presentation, East Lansing Kiwanis, March 2020

No-Fault Town Hall, Detroit, February 2020

“The New Auto No-Fault Law”, University Club and Conference Center, January 2020

No-Fault Town Hall, Livingston County, January 2020

No-Fault Presentation, Council of Black Baptist Pastors, December 2019

PIP Choice Options and Opt-Outs – VTC Insurance Group, October 2019

Auto No-Fault Presentation – Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centers, October 2019

“The New PIP Choice Options” No-Fault Institute XVI, October 2019

No-Fault Presentation for Mary Free Bed at Sparrow Hospital, September 2019

Michigan Auto Insurance Promise Rally – sponsored by CPAN, rally on Michigan’s capitol building regarding the 2019 no-fault reform, September 2019

Michigan No-Fault Reform: Understanding the Controversy – People’s Law School, September 2019

BIAMI Annual Fall Conference – spoke with George Sinas and Thomas Sinas regarding the no-fault reform, September 2019

Judicial Update, MBIPC Luncheon, 2019

Judicial Update, MBIPC Luncheon, 2018

The State of No-Fault Insurance in Michigan” – Michigan Lawyers Weekly live webinar, July 2017

“Auto No-Fault 101” Town Hall, May 2017

Evidentiary Hurdles in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases – 4th Annual No-Fault Summit (ICLE), April 2017

The Continuing Evolution of No-Fault Causation Law: PIP and Tort Cases – MAJ No-Fault Institute, September 2016

To Deny or Not Deny Attorney Fees: What Is Reasonable? – 3rd Annual No-Fault Summit (ICLE), April 2016

Auto No-Fault Update for Trauma Surgeons – Michigan College of Trauma Surgeons, November 2015

Auto No-Fault Update – CPAN Town Hall – Detroit, November 2015

Michigan Auto No-Fault Update for Medical Professionals – Mary Free Bed Spinal Cord Injury Symposium, October 2015

Overview of the Affordable Care Act and its Intersection with the Michigan No-Fault Law – People’s Law School, Lansing, October 2015

The Current Status of PIP Causation Law – MAJ No-Fault Institute, September 2015

Michigan No-Fault Update – ICLE On-Demand Seminar, September 2015

Panelist – Auto No-Fault Town Hall (organized by Michigan State Rep. Henry Yanez), September 2015

Auto No-Fault for Nursing Professionals – Michigan Nurses Association, September 2015

Auto No-Fault Update – CPAN Town Hall, Livonia, Michigan, August 2015

Depositions for Medical Professionals – Brain Injury Association of Michigan Legal Conference, June 2015

Overview of the Michigan No-Fault System – Michigan Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting, May 2015

Third-Party Auto Threshold Update – MAJ Rapid Fire Seminar, May 2015

Social Media for Practicing Attorneys – ICLE On-Demand Seminar, April 2015

Damages in PIP Cases: Understanding the Reasonable Charge Requirement – ICLE No-Fault Summit, April 2015

Auto No-Fault Update, CPAN Town Hall – Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 2015

In-Service Training – Hope Network, April 2015

The Admire Problem – STRIVE Recreational Therapy In-Service Seminar, April 2015

Auto No-Fault 101 for Lawyers – Ingham County Bar Association Young Lawyers Section, Expand Your Practice series, February 2015

Auto No-Fault Law for Legal Assistants and Paralegals – National Association of Legal Secretaries, February 2015

Understanding the Auto No-Fault World – Arcadia Home Health Care In-Service Seminar, January 2015

Understanding the Auto No-Fault World – Ambrose Rehabilitation Consultants In-Service Seminar, January 2015

The Affordable Care Act and Its Implications – People’s Law School, East Lansing, 2014

Allowable Expense Benefits:  Understanding §3107(1)(a) – Coalition for Protecting Auto No-Fault’s “Admire Workshop III”, 2014

Auto No-Fault First-Party Update On-Demand Webinar (Panelist) – Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2014

Admire v AutoOwners, Supreme Court Summer Seminar, 2013

Price v High-Pointe Oil Company – State Bar of Michigan Negligence Section’s Supreme Court Summer Seminar, 2013

Health Care Law Basics and the Affordable Care Act – People’s Law School, East Lansing, 2013

First-Party No-Fault Update 2013 – On Demand Seminars, 2013

Affordable Care Act Basics for Auto No-Fault Attorneys – No-Fault Institute X, 2013

Tort Liens & Subrogation – Intersection: The Michigan No-Fault Law & The Federal Affordable Care Act, 2013

Beyond Admire: Recent Court of Appeals Cases Regarding the Everyday Living Needs of the Catastrophically Injured – CPAN Admire Workshop, 2013

Constitutional Law & Civil Rights Litigation – People’s Law School, East Lansing, 2012

Johnson v Recca – Michigan Association for Justice’s No-Fault Institute, 2012

No-Fault Law Update – Upper Michigan Legal Institute, 2011

No-Fault PIP Causation Law – Michigan Association for Justice Seminar in the Snow, 2011

No-Fault PIP Causation Jury Instructions – Michigan Association for Justice’s “No-Fault Institute”, 2010.


Protecting the Injured: A Summary Guide to the New Auto No-Fault Law” – co-authored with George and Thomas Sinas, this brochure is an essential resource to those injured in Michigan motor vehicle accidents regarding their rights under the recently reformed no-fault law. “Protecting the Injured” replaces our former publication known as the “Rights and Benefits” brochure, which has been widely used throughout Michigan by injured people and the medical teams that provide them care.

Making Smart Choices: A Summary Guide to the New Auto No-Fault Law – co-authored with George Sinas and Thomas Sinas, an in-depth guide to consumer choices under the 2019 reformed auto no-fault law

Navigating the Chaos: the New No-Fault Legislation” – a thorough summary of the new auto no-fault legislation following its 2019 reform, co-authors George Sinas and Tom Sinas

Flawed No-Fault Reforms and Flawed Autonomous Vehicles Laws: Justice is at Stake for Auto Accident Victims” Published article in Michigan Association for Justice Quarterly, Spring 2019

A Different State of Affairs: Identifying the Rights and Benefits of Michigan Residents Injured in Out-of-State Auto Crashes and Out-of-State Residents Injured in Michigan Auto Crashes” Published written materials for the 2019 Institute for Continuing Legal Education No-Fault Summit.

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Tort Liability in Michigan” Published written materials for the 2018 Michigan Association for Justice No-Fault Institute.

Michigan Has Work to Do to Make Its Auto Laws as Smart as Its Autonomous Cars” – Opinion article, Detroit Legal News, May 2018

Patient Assignments: Should Providers Use Them in This Post-Covenant Auto No-Fault World?” – Legal analysis co-authored with George Sinas and Tom Sinas

Extending the One-Year Back Rule Will Decrease No-Fault Litigation and Benefit Everyone” Published article in Detroit Legal News, January 2017

The Continuing Evolution of No-Fault Causation: PIP and Tort Cases”  Published written materials for the 2016 Michigan Association for Justice No-Fault Institute

Medical Providers and the Reasonable Charge Requirement” Published written materials for the 2014 Michigan Association for Justice No-Fault Institute

The Intersection of the Affordable Care Act and the Michigan No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act” –  article published as part of a compilation titled “Troubleshooting the Affordable Care Act,”  State Bar of Michigan Health Care Law Section, 2015

Moody v Home-Owners: What Does This Case Mean for Medical Providers?” –   Michigan Association for Justice Quarterly Journal, Spring 2014

Deciphering Two Related Concepts: No-Fault PIP Causation Law and the Decision in Griffith v State Farm” – published in the 2010 Thomas M. Cooley Law Review Symposium

Fischer v Blankenship & the Seriousness of Permanent Disfigurement” – Michigan Association for Justice, Nov. 2009 Advance Sheet

The Legal Rights of Michigan Citizens Have Been Limited by Recent Decisions of the Michigan Supreme Court” – State Bar of Michigan Negligence Section Quarterly Newsletter, Summer 2007

Co-Creator and editor of autonofaultlaw.com,  a website dedicated to covering all appellate decisions regarding the Michigan Auto No-Fault Law