Non-Economic Damages | Fox 17 Know the Law

Tom Sinas, Grand Rapids auto accident attorney, explains what you need to know about legal claims regarding non-economic damages.

What Are Non-Economic Damages?
After an auto accident, many individuals suffer losses beyond finances. When pursuing legal action, some may be able to pursue ‘non-economic damages’ for their losses. These do not include claims of damages for lost wages or medical expenses, which are typically covered by a no-fault policy. Non-economic damages are the damages from an injury that result in a change in the quality of life, such as impairment of body function, permanent and serious disfigurement, or death.

In the tragic case of a fatal auto accident, close family members can pursue non-economic damages for the changes in their quality of life resulting from the accident. The parents, spouse, siblings, and children can pursue these claims for the “loss of society and companionship” under the law.

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