What Parents Should Know – Signing a Liability Waiver or Indemnification Agreement


Trips to the local amusement park, sports facility, or other recreational establishment are as much a part of childhood as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These outings are a fun time for all. However, in the anticipation of such an exciting day, parents don't pay much attention to the dreaded paperwork they must sign before enjoying these types of activities. And while a cursory glance over the legal jargon and a quick signature may seem harmless, signing a liability waiver, especially one that contains an indemnification agreement, can be anything but harmless. Personal injury attorney, Steve Sinas, recently discussed the...

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When Do Michigan Drivers Need To Buy Rental Car Insurance?


It can be pricey to rent a car. On top of paying for the vehicle itself, you're also asked whether you want to buy any rental car insurance coverage. Question is, do Michigan drivers really need to purchase supplemental rental car insurance? The answer is "not always" -- and here's why. First, Michigan drivers are required by law to have their own auto no-fault insurance, which: pays for an injured person's reasonable medical expenses, for life. applies to the policyholder, the policyholder's spouse and any resident relatives. applies even if they're not operating their own vehicle -- in other words, if they're...

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Parents: Talk To Your Teenagers About Distracted Driving


Distracted driving is involved in 6 of 10 crashes that seriously injure teenagers. Each October, National Teen Driver Safety Week is held across the country, helping to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and teen driver safety in general. It also offers parents an excellent opportunity to talk to their teens about safe driving habits. Studies show that only about 25 percent of parents have talked to their teens about driving safety. This is unfortunate because parents actually have more influence than they think over their teenager's driving habits. The bottom line? Parents need to talk with their teens about distracted driving...

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