How to Report a Reckless Driving Semi-Truck

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Unfortunately, Michigan Semi-Truck accident lawyers at Sinas Dramis Law Firm have a lot of experience handling legal claims involving semi-trucks and commercial vehicles. They’re much bigger than average passenger vehicles, so when the two crash, the injuries tend to be very serious and the cases themselves very complex. What we also know about these types of cases, the crashes themselves could have been avoided, if the rules of the road were being properly followed. So how can you help prevent these types of crashes? Learn how to report a reckless driving semi-truck or any other reckless driver.

How to report a reckless Semi-Truck Driver?

If you notice a semi-truck, commercial vehicle, or any other motorist driving recklessly, you should contact the local police department in that area. You do this one of two ways, by dialing 911 or calling the non-emergent line for the department in that area. This will allow the department to get in touch with patrol vehicles in the area, to try and locate and stop the reckless driver. By reporting these types of drivers, you could potentially stop a crash from happening, and save someone from becoming seriously injured, or even killed. When making the report, it’s best to give police as much information as you can safely gather, including:

  1. Make and Model
  2. Color of the car
  3. License plate number
  4. Current location and direction of travel

Repeating Factors Seen with Semi-Truck Accidents?

Sinas Dramis first open the law firm’s doors in 1951, and since our Michigan auto accident attorneys have become some of the state’s foremost experts in auto accident claims and crashes involving semi-truck. In the firm’s more than 70-year history, we’ve noticed several common occurrences, in the cases we’ve handled that have involved semi-trucks.

  1. Semi-Trucks rear-ending another vehicle – We often see cases where a semi-truck or commercial vehicle runs into the back end of another motor vehicle because the driver doesn’t appreciate the slowing or stoppage of traffic. In these cases, the crashes are often devastating, and fatal due to the speed and weight of the truck crashing into a car from behind.
  2. Inclement Weather Situations – Whether it’s snowing, raining, or foggy, we tend to see a lot of cases involving the weather. What many people don’t understand, is that there are state and federal regulations, that prevent these big rigs from operating in certain weather situations.
  3. Distracted Driving – We also see frequently cases where the driver is not paying attention to the road, due to distractions in the cab of the truck. Whether it be an onboard computer or a communication device.
  4. Driver Fatigue – The fourth commonality between semi-truck cases, is the driver becoming overtired whilst on the road. There are federal regulations that govern the number of hours, and when a semi-truck can be on the road. Unfortunately, we see cases where those driving hours have been exceeded, and a crash occurred.

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If you or a loved one is involved in a crash with a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, it’s imperative you contact a semi-truck crash lawyer, who’s experienced in litigating these types of cases. We know from experience, that these cases can get complicated fast, and if you’ve got a case against the truck, the other side is already going to start building their defense. There is no time to wait, and you need an attorney to help you ensure you get the compensation and benefits you deserve. At Sinas Dramis Law Firm, whether it was a Lansing semi-truck crash, you need a Grand Rapids semi-truck accident attorney,  Kalamazoo, or Metro Detroit, we offer free consultation, and will make sure that you’re taken care of legally, so you can focus on your recovery.