How Commercial Vehicle Crashes Differ From Other Motor Vehicle Crashes in Michigan

Commercial Vehcile Crashes

With the continued increase of online shopping, in addition to everyday supply chain demands, the number of commercial vehicles on the road is higher than ever. We know that these commercial vehicles are much larger than your typical motor vehicle, and when they’re involved in crashes, they’re often very serious for the individuals behind the wheel. When they happen, there’s a lot to consider, particularly in the realm of liability and who might be responsible. In this article, we’ll answer questions about commercial vehicle crash liability and explain how these crashes differ from other motor vehicle crashes in Michigan. How are...

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Michigan Laws on Semi-Trucks and Winter Driving

Winter in Michigan is unpredictable, and road conditions can turn on a dime, making travel dangerous at times. For drivers, it can be scary, especially when sharing the space with much larger vehicles like semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. What might come as a surprise are some of the specific rules under Michigan laws for semi-trucks and winter driving. Semi-Trucks and Winter Driving Speed Limits Most who frequently drive in the snow likely take extra precautions. However, it’s not uncommon to see a semi-truck or other motor vehicle fly past as if the road conditions were not a cause for concern. However,...

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Winter Driving Tips – Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

semi-truck driving on winter road

As the temperatures continue to drop, it is becoming even more apparent that winter weather is on the way. While winter weather means holidays, bundling up by the fire, and crisp white snow, it also signals dangerous roadways. In particular, winter weather can produce dangerous conditions such as low visibility, icy roads, high winds, and potholes. These conditions can cause accidents, injuries, and even death in some cases. However, semi-trucks are a lesser-known danger on winter roads that can cause just as much damage or more. Due to the size and visibility issues associated with semi-trucks, drivers sharing the road...

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New FMCSA Rules Change Truck Driver Hours to Improve Safety

michigan attorneys

A good indication of a healthy economy is an increase in semi-trucks on the roads. Trucks provide a crucial connection between suppliers and sellers and ensure that consumers are able to receive the goods they need. However, due to the large size of semi-trucks and the countless hours truck drivers spend on the road, the potential for semi-truck accidents is high. These accidents can be catastrophic for the individuals involved and often lead to lengthy and complex trucking accident lawsuits. However, new FMCSA rules regarding the permitted operating hours of commercial drivers may provide safer roadways for both semi-trucks and...

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How Trucking Companies Fight Lawsuits and What to Look for in a Lawyer to Challenge Them

Your life can change in the blink of an eye - and for one family, that's exactly what happened one morning in rural Michigan when a reckless commercial truck driver caused a completely preventable crash. But despite the immediate devastation, the trucking company's handling of the situation was further insult to the family's many injuries. The following is a tragic example of how trucking companies fight lawsuits, avoid liability, and treat seriously injured people based on simple factors like one's home address. This article also outlines the reason why it's paramount to find an attorney who will go to bat...

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Another Semi-Truck Accident on US-131 at 100th St Bridge

Semi-Truck Accident on US-131

On April 6th, less than 100 days into 2018, the 100th Street bridge over northbound US-131 in the Grand Rapids area was struck by a semi-truck for the sixth time this year, officials confirmed. This area seems to be a chronic issue. On January 12th, a pair of semi-trucks struck and damaged the bridge for the first time in 2018. Multiple incidents in March at both the 100th Street bridge caused further structural damage, eventually requiring the Michigan Department of Transportation’s involvement. Finally, on April 17, MDOT  announced plans for a new bridge at 100th Street and US-131 by 2020. And...

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Semi-Truck Side Guards: Do They Reduce Crash Fatalities?


Michigan semi-truck accident injuries can be devastating, and are often fatal. This is not only due to the sheer weight and size of the trucks, but also because smaller vehicles can slide underneath these large trucks, resulting in even more catastrophic injuries. There are, however, ways to help reduce this type of tragedy, including the use of semi-truck side guards. Right now, long-haul commercial trucks in the United States are only required to have rear under-ride guards. These devices (also called "Mansfield bars" after the death of actress Jayne Mansfield in a rear-end collision with a semi-truck) are designed to keep...

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