Michigan Court System – Understanding the Basics


With the recent midterm elections, voters will have noticed several options for electing Judges and Justices on their ballot. But do you understand what each one does or what type of cases each court hears? Tom Sinas, Grand Rapids auto accident attorney, explains the basics behind the Michigan court system in this recent Know the Law segment.

Michigan Court System – Levels


Michigan Supreme Court

The Michigan court system is composed of three levels:

  1. Trial Courts – Circuit Courts + District Courts
  2. Court of Appeals
  3. Michigan Supreme Court

Trial Courts are divided into District Courts and Circuit Courts. The Judges in these courts have very busy dockets because they hear civil and criminal cases, and sometimes even family law and probate work. Trial Courts have the broadest jurisdiction and are where matters go when they’re litigated at the ground level. The Court of Appeals is the first level of appeal in Michigan, and everyone has the right to appeal their case. Finally, the Michigan Supreme Court is the highest appellate court. This court only hears cases the Justices choose to hear.

Fox 17 Know the Law – Michigan Court System from Sinas Dramis Law Firm


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