Coordination of Benefits for Motorcycle Claims

Injured Motorcyclists and Health Insurance Plans

If an injured motorcyclist carries a health insurance plan, their health insurance plan may be legally required to cover some of the medical expenses involved in treating injuries the motorcyclist sustained in the accident. Who pays for medical expenses and treatment largely depends on what is known as motorcycle insurance coordination of benefits. In most cases where health insurance plans have this motorcycle insurance coordination of benefits language, the health insurance plan will be secondary to the auto no-fault insurer with regards to the priority for paying health care expenses.couple-riding-motorcycle-helmets

In those rare situations where an injured motorcyclist is required to collect no-fault PIP benefits from his or her auto no-fault insurer because the motor vehicle involved in the accident was uninsured, the injured person’s auto no-fault insurance policy may, under certain circumstances, be coordinated with health insurance coverage, which would then make the health insurance coverage primary and the no-fault coverage available only to pay those medical expenses not paid by health insurance.

This is an extremely complex area of the law, and you should discuss your insurance plans and the types of coverage they provide with a qualified Michigan motorcycle accident attorney to ensure that you are receiving the full range of benefits you are entitled to.

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