Motorcycle Coordination of Benefits

How Does a Motorcyclist’s Health Insurance Coordinate with No-Fault?

How motorcyclist health insurance and no-fault insurance coordinate is very complicated. In most cases, the no-fault insurer of the motor vehicle involved in the accident must pay the medical expenses of the injured person on a primary basis without regard to whether the injured person also has health insurance. If the injured motorcyclist is also covered under a health insurance policy, that health insurance policy may also be legally obligated to pay benefits unless it has “coordination of benefits” language within the policy. This language makes health insurance coverage secondary if no-fault PIP benefits are payable.

In those rare situations where an injured motorcyclist is required to collect no-fault PIP benefits from his or her auto no-fault insurer because the motor vehicle involved in the accident was uninsured, the injured person’s auto no-fault insurance policy may, under certain circumstances, be coordinated with health insurance coverage, which would then make the health insurance coverage primary and the no-fault coverage available only to pay those medical expenses not paid by health insurance.


As previously stated, this is a complex issue that will probably require a more complete legal analysis by an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer upon the specific facts of the case.

Learn more about the coordination of benefits between no-fault policies and health insurance plans.

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