Motorcycle Collision Damage

Who Pays Collision Damage to a Motorcycle?

If a motorcycle is physically damaged as a result of being struck by a car, truck, or other motor vehicle as defined in the Michigan No-Fault Law and that motor vehicle is insured with no-fault insurance, the motorcycle owner will not be able to recover any compensation for collision damage to the motorcycle. Further, even so-called “mini tort” does not cover collision damage to a motorcycle.

However, if the motor vehicle causing the damage to the motorcycle did not carry the required Michigan no-fault insurance coverage, then the owner and/or operator of the uninsured motor vehicle is personally liable for the damage to the motorcycle.

In situations where a motorcycle was “reasonably parked” at the time the collision damage was sustained, the motorcycle owner would be entitled to make a claim for “property protection insurance benefits” from the insurer of the motor vehicle. These property protection insurance benefits consist of the repair costs or replacement value of the motorcycle, less depreciation, plus the value of loss of use of the motorcycle.

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