Have You Been in an Out-of-state Motorcycle Accident?

Michigan motorcyclists who are injured in an out-of-state motorcycle accident may still be entitled to Michigan auto no-fault benefits under certain circumstances. Most importantly, the motorcyclist must be a named insured under a then-existing Michigan no-fault policy, or the spouse or a resident-relative of someone who holds a valid Michigan no-fault policy. If he or she can establish such coverage, PIP benefits may be recovered directly from his or her no-fault policy.

As with a motorcycle injury which occurs in Michigan, it is likely that for a Michigan motorcyclist to be entitled to no-fault benefits for an accident which occurs outside of the state, that incident must involve a motor vehicle. However, this area of law is unsettled and subject to change.

If you’ve been injured in an out-of-state motorcycle accident, you should contact an attorney who can review the accident and your insurance policies with you, and who can assist you with determining the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call our experienced Michigan motorcycle accident attorneys today at 866.758.0031.