Michigan Personal Injury Attorney Stephen Sinas Elected President of Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council

Michigan personal injury attorney Steve Sinas elected president of Michigan brain injury provider council.

Michigan Personal Injury Attorney, Stephen Sinas, has been elected President of Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council (MBIPC).  MBIPC was established in 1987.  MBIPC’s purpose is to enhance the ability of its members to provide high-quality, ethical rehabilitation, health care, and related services to people with a brain injury. This is accomplished through resource sharing and information exchange, professional development and education, promotion of beneficial legislation, advocacy for brain injury services, and support of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan.

Stephen will serve as MBIPC president through September 2024.  He is excited to help lead MBIPC and further along its mission to broaden the access to high-quality care for brain-injured people throughout Michigan.

Michigan Personal Injury Attorney Stephen Sinas and his experience representing those with Brain Injuries

Stephen’s practice in personal injury law has exposed him to the great disparities in care available to brain-injured people, depending on how they sustained their injury and what insurance coverage they have available to them.  Furthermore, through his extensive involvement with the Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Law, Stephen has a deep understanding of how the 2019 amendments to Michigan’s no-fault law has substantially limited the access to care for people who sustain brain injuries in auto accidents.  Stephen provided the following comments regarding his involvement with MBIPC at this uniquely important time to advocate for broadening the access to care for brain-injured people throughout Michigan:

“Our system of health care in America simply does not provide enough care and resources to brain-injured people.  Private health insurance still has significant limitations on the coverage available for the care and rehabilitation of brain-injured people, and government-funded health care coverages, such as Medicare and Medicaid, are even more limited.  Worse yet, we have had changes in Michigan to systems like our no-fault Insurance system that have drastically limited the access to care for people brain injured in auto accidents.  I hope I can help further advance MBIPC’s efforts to bring about change that ultimately broadens the access to care for brain injured people throughout Michigan.” – Stephen Sinas

More About Michigan Personal Injury Attorney Stephen Sinas

Stephen is a partner at the Sinas Dramis Law Firm.  He specializes in representing people who have been injured or harmed by the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, institution, or governmental entity. He also specializes in litigating against insurance companies that have wrongfully denied coverage or benefits to injured people. He has successfully litigated cases in numerous state and federal trial courts across Michigan and has handled cases at the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. Stephen also currently serves as an Adjunct Instructor of Law at Michigan State University College of Law, where he teaches the course on Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Law.  Stephen is also President-Elect of the Ingham County Bar Association and serves as an Executive Board Member of the Michigan Association for Justice.