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For more than 60 years, the personal injury and auto no-fault lawyers at the Sinas Dramis Law Firm have been fighting for individuals injured in auto accidents and who have suffered other types of personal injuries.

With offices in LansingGrand Rapids and Chicago, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to serving clients across Michigan, helping them navigate the state’s complex auto no-fault laws. We understand that every case is important — that’s why we aggressively fight to get you the compensation you’re entitled to receive.

In addition to auto accident injuries and no-fault claims, the Sinas Dramis Law Firm handles cases involving:

Since 1951, our Lansing personal injury lawyers and Grand Rapids personal injury attorneys have helped thousands of people get compensated for their injuries. If you’ve been injured, you need Michigan attorneys who have the experience and instincts to obtain the results that you rightfully deserve. Contact our office for an initial consultation to learn how we can help you.

We Get Results

Below are some of the verdicts & settlements that we have obtained for our clients over the years. While this is not a comprehensive list, it provides insight into the persons we help, the cases we handle and the results that our knowledgeable attorneys can achieve.


$10,680,000 Jury verdict for wrongful death of a 43-year-old divorced father of three caused by medical malpractice
$10,000,000 Settlement for wrongful death of a 19-year-old woman in the Pan Am 103 airline crash in Lockerbie, Scotland
$8,000,000 Semi-truck-automobile collision resulting in a 76-year-old retired steelworker sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury, and his wife sustaining numerous injuries including: bilateral thigh hematomas; tears of medial and lateral meniscus of left knee requiring arthroscopic surgery; three fractured ribs; avulsion fracture of the right ankle; closed head injury; multiple fractured teeth and broken dental bridge; nerve damage in left thigh; traumatic lipoma of left thigh; pneumothorax; depression; and loss of consortium
Illinois plaintiffs rented beachfront property in Puerto Rico but were accosted by burglars; one plaintiff was rendered a paraplegic after being shot by one of the intruders
$5,000,000 Arbitration award for the wrongful death of an 18-year-old woman caused by the negligence of a drunk driver
$3,000,000 Settlement for the wrongful death of a 56-year-old man resulting from police misconduct/unjustified use of lethal force
$3,000,000 Settlement for spinal cord and brain injuries to married couple in their mid‑40s as a result of a highway defect
$3,000,000 Settlement for brain injuries and orthopedic injuries to a female high school athlete suffered as a passenger in a car struck by a commercial vehicle
$3,000,000 Settlement for semi-truck/motor vehicle collision causing the wrongful death of 43-year-old man with wife and two minor children
$2,900,000 Settlement for severe orthopedic injuries to a single woman motorcyclist struck by a commercial vehicle
$2,770,000 Highway defect case in Ingham County construction zone; motorcyclist encountered defect and crashed, rendering him a quadriplegic who ultimately succumbed to complications stemming from injuries
$2,750,000 Settlement for no-fault PIP benefit claim; 20 years of unpaid attendant care for a severely brain injured young man
$2,500,000 Settlement for wrongful death of a 55-year-old man as a result of a motorcycle collision caused by a construction contractor who created a public nuisance
$2,500,000 Lansing semi-truck accident catastrophically injuring a 19-year-old woman who sustained traumatic brain injury, multiple facial, neck, and leg fractures
$2,150,000 Settlement for commercial vehicle collision resulting in wrongful death of 24-year-old female college student
$2,100,000 Settlement for commercial vehicle collision causing significant brain injury to a 51-year-old unemployed woman
$2,000,000 Settlement for severe brain injuries suffered by a 15-year-old boy who was struck by a motor vehicle while walking across the street on his way to school
$2,000,000 Settlement for wrongful death of a 53-year-old man with a wife and three adult children resulting from a collision with a semi‑truck
$2,000,000 Jury verdict (before reductions) for semi-truck/motor vehicle collision causing the wrongful death of 16-year-old high school student
$1,950,000 Settlement for semi-truck/motor vehicle collision causing the wrongful death of 30-year-old husband with two stepchildren
$1,900,000 Settlement for dram shop/wrongful death claim of a middle age couple whose vehicle was struck by a drunk driver
$1,500,000 Arbitration award for collision involving a special transportation bus causing spinal cord injuries to a 57-year-old mentally disabled woman
$1,300,000 Eaton County semi-truck accident involving 27-year-old man who suffered extensive intra-abdominal injury, deep laceration of left hand, significant psychological and emotional trauma, cervical spine injury, shoulder injury, and head and face lacerations and abrasions
$1,300,000 Settlement for premises liability causing traumatic brain injury to a 43-year-old courier against a private home owner
$1,260,000 Motorcycle-automobile collision involving skilled tradesman who sustained severe orthopedic injuries, including a fracture to his pelvic ring, right acetabulum and humerus
$1,000,000 Macomb County motor vehicle/pedestrian collision resulting in brain injury and other injuries; $457,000 cash settlement plus $543,000 structured settlement
$1,000,000 Eaton County bicycle-automobile collision resulting in wrongful death
$1,000,000 Eaton County bicyclist was struck by motor vehicle, resulting in multiple hip fractures, a vertebral fracture and traumatic brain injury
$980,000 Eaton County automobile-semi-truck collision on I-69 resulting in the wrongful death of 54-year-old man
$945,000 Wrongful death claim where nursing home’s negligence resulted in 86-year-old woman wandering out of the facility during the winter, only to collapse outside and freeze to death
$859,000 Clinton County motor vehicle accident where 67-year-old man was hit by vehicle that crossed the center line, resulting in a two-week coma, traumatic brain injury, numerous fractured limbs and ribs, a punctured lung, and other severe injuries
$825,000 Eaton County semi-truck accident on I-69 involving 55-year-old man who suffered traumatic brain injury, right shoulder aggravation injury, cervical spine injury, right wrist aggravation injury, injury to teeth, abrasions to head, torso, and extremities
$806,735 Eaton County semi-truck accident on I-69 resulting in severe injury to a 39-year-old woman, including: traumatic brain injury; severe fracture of upper left arm; severe damage to right hip joint; multiple rib fractures; multiple abrasions and lacerations; and psychological and emotional trauma
$800,000 Personal injury settlement; driver of passenger vehicle struck a low boy trailer that pulled out into oncoming traffic
$725,000 Personal injury settlement; injury claim involving therapist
$687,000 Ingham County auto accident where motorist was hit by tractor trailer that ran a red light, with motorist sustaining numerous injuries, including multiple, disfiguring facial lacerations, severe pelvic fracture, severe injury to right hip joint, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injury
$675,000 Eaton County semi-truck accident resulting in severe injury to 39-year-old member of National Guard, who sustained multiple, severe cervical spine injuries, cervicalgia, post-traumatic headaches, injury to left lower arm, depression, and anxiety
$600,000 Marquette County auto accident involving college student who sustained serious traumatic injury to pelvis and hip
$600,000 Auto accident involving man from Lansing whose car was struck by a commercial vehicle, resulting in serious injury to his shoulder and eye
$585,000 Lansing auto accident involving college-aged young woman who suffered a serious back injury, abdominal trauma, and compromised immune system after injuries sustained while a passenger in vehicle
$550,000 Clinton County motor vehicle collision involving elderly man who sustained a traumatic brain injury and cervical spine injuries
$506,000 Arbitration award for a healthcare provider seeking payment from a no-fault insurance company for services provided to a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a pedestrian/automobile accident
$500,000 Settlement in bicycle versus bicycle collision, resulting in facial fractures and dental injuries to college student
$500,000 Wrongful death settlement, with UIM component; passenger claim against driver who lost control of motor vehicle
$500,000 Eaton County motorcycle-automobile collision where a 30-year-old salesman suffered numerous orthopedic fractures, including fractures of the left tibia and fibula
$500,000 Pedestrian-automobile collision involving a woman who suffered from numerous pre-existing medical issues, who sustained a comminuted displaced fracture of the left femur and trimalleolar ankle fracture
$480,000 Settlement in Clinton County auto liability suit, where a passenger was injured when another vehicle made a left turn without yielding
$480,000 30-year-old woman involved in an ATV accident, causing a crush and degloving injury to her dominant hand
$475,000 Wrongful death settlement, with UIM component. Pedestrian struck by passenger vehicle
$470,000 Ingham County auto accident involving 58-year- old man who suffered traumatic brain injury, resulting in cognitive defects and limitations in employment
$460,000 Grand Rapids semi-truck/car collision involving woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury; defendants were a commercial semi-truck company and one its drivers who had a history of unsafe driving
$392,500 Personal injury settlement, with UIM component. Client’s vehicle was rear ended
$350,000 Ingham County semi-truck/car collision resulting in traumatic brain injury and back injuries; defendants were a commercial semi-truck company and one its driver who had a history of unsafe driving
$310,000 Hillsdale County auto accident where 44-year-old man was rear-ended, resulting in traumatic brain injury, traumatic neck and back injuries, and fractured teeth
$300,000 Action to recover no-fault benefits for injuries sustained by 43-year-old truck driver who was involved in a trucking accident in Ohio, resulting in traumatic brain injury, PTSD, herniated cervical disc, neuropathy in legs and tingling in upper extremities
$250,000 Settlement against at-fault driver ($20,000 policy limits) and underinsured motorist carrier ($230,000 remaining policy limits) involving wrongful death/underinsured motorist claim resulting from motor vehicle/bicycle collision
$250,000  Underinsured motorist claim, arising from rear-end collision with gasoline chemical burns to plaintiff
$250,000 Policy limits settlement for Kent County woman who suffered lumbar burst and compression fractures in a head-on motor vehicle collision
$250,000 Personal injury settlement, with UIM component. Pedestrian struck by passenger vehicle
$250,000 Underinsured motorist claim settlement for college student ejected from Jeep in a single vehicle collision resulting in elbow fracture; settlement was for policy limits and included credits/setoffs for $60,000 in prior payments
$250,000 Eaton County man involved in motor vehicle accident in Dearborn, Michigan, which resulted in traumatic injury and the recovery of first party no-fault attendant care benefits
$250,000 Ingham County motorcycle-motor vehicle collision, where 37-year-old male motorcyclist was thrown 20 feet, knocked unconscious, and sustained numerous fractures, contusions
$250,000 Ingham County motorcycle-automobile collision resulting in orthopedic injuries
$250,000 Eaton County auto accident where our client hit a deer while driving his motor home, resulting in severe injury which ultimately led to his death
$245,000 Park Ridge, Illinois auto accident involving a college student who sustained a fractured left elbow
$237,500 76-year-old woman involved in a pedestrian/automobile accident, sustaining multiple orthopedic injuries
$205,000 Clinton County automobile accident where a grain truck collided with a husband and wife, who suffered thoracic spine fracture, left rotator cuff injury, bruised ribs, broken left arm, fractured left clavicle, among other injuries
$200,000 Lansing-area woman sustained serious orthopedic in a motor vehicle collision
$200,000 Ingham County auto accident involving Lansing, Michigan couple causing injuries to the leg, knee, shoulder, cervical spine, and mouth, resulting in settlement of underinsured motorist and no-fault benefits
$200,000 Grand Rapids auto accident involving West Michigan man whose vehicle was struck by another car, resulting in a torn rotator cuff, extensive surgery and outpatient therapy, and the inability to return to his job
$185,000 Eaton County auto accident involving man who sustained multiple orthopedic injuries, including two broken legs, a broken arm, and abdominal injuries
$155,000 Settlement for bicyclist injured when a car failed to yield the right of way; no contact between bicycle and vehicle, but in an effort to avoid the crash, the cyclist went over the handlebars and fractured his collarbone
$145,000 Van Buren County semi-truck accident, where client was rear-ended by a semi-truck in snowy, icy conditions, resulting in severe head and neck pain, as well as numbness and tingling in right arm
$145,000 Ingham County motor vehicle accident where our client sustained bodily injury, including traumatic injury to right foot, right ankle, traumatic neck injury, and a closed head injury
$140,000 Drunk driver collided with our client, who then sustained multiple severe fractures, a closed head injury resulting in 24-hour care and short-term memory loss, as well as a pulmonary contusion and a torn left shoulder rotator cuff, among others
$135,000 Lansing man who sustained fractured leg after being struck by car while crossing the road
$135,000 Lansing area elderly woman sustained head injury that accelerated dementia after being involved in a motor vehicle collision
$125,000 Battle Creek woman sustained facial injuries after being rear-ended
$125,000 Van Buren County auto accident involving West Michigan woman who sustained serious ankle fractures
$120,000 Wrongful death claim where our client suffered traumatic brain injury causing post-concussion syndrome which significantly contributed to her death as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Holland, Michigan
$100,000 Policy limits settlement for Grand Rapids woman involved in a pedestrian/car collision resulting in traumatic brain injury
$100,000 Policy limit settlement for Ingham County man in MVA who suffered cervical spine HNP with surgery
$100,000 Ottawa County bicycle-automobile collision where our clients sustained scarring injuires and suffered head trauma resulting in partial hearing loss
$100,000 Muskegon area pedestrian-auto crash where man sustained multiple orthopedic injuries
$100,000 Muskegon County motor vehicle crash where Norton Shores woman sustained serious injuries to knee.
$100,000 Ingham County auto accident involving Lansing woman who sustained serious fractures to her heel and ankle
$100,000 Police officer sustained severe injury to left leg when elderly motorist drove into the gate he was attempting to close, causing the gate to strike the officer’s leg, resulting in compound fractures of his tibia and fibula
$100,000 29-year-old motorcyclist involved in violent collision with motor vehicle that drove into his path in Ottawa County, resulting in traumatic brain injury, loss of consciousness, cognitive deficits, severe injury to right leg, right arm, left wrist, as well as various contusions and other body trauma
$100,000 Ottawa County motorcycle accident where bales of hay fell off pickup truck, striking our client, causing him to lose control and be ejected from his motorcycle, resulting in traumatic brain injury, injury to cervical musculature, and multifaceted body trauma
$100,000 Clinton County bicycle-automobile collision, where 49-year-old bicyclist was struck by an SUV, resulting in loss of consciousness, a concussion and multiple bruises and abrasions
$100,000 Mother of three involved in auto accident, resulting in injury including severe fractures of thoracic spine, lumbar spine, various rib fractures, severe damage and eventual loss of spleen, and traumatic brain injury
$100,000 47-year-old father of three involved in motor vehicle accident, resulting in multiple, severe fractures of thoracic spine, cervical spine, and ribs, and traumatic brain injury
$100,000 (policy limits) 49-year old woman struck by automobile while on a bicycle, sustaining a mild traumatic brain injury
$100,000 (policy limits) 21-year old involved in an automobile collision sustaining internal injuries, abdominal/surgical scarring, and a facial scar
$100,000 (policy limits) 43-year old woman involved in an automobile accident, who sustained numerous orthopedic injuries
$95,000 Ingham county auto accident where at-fault driver pulled out in front of our client, who sustained neck injury, left shoulder injury, left radial nerve injury and low right back injury
$90,000 Plaintiff suffered severe, significant second-degree burn injuries after restaurant employee spilled hot marinara sauce on her person
$90,000 Meridian Township auto accident, where injured party was struck and run over by a jet ski trailer, resulting in numerous low back fractures, debilitating hip hematoma, and other assorted injuries
$87,500 Auto accident in St. Johns, where forklift pierced client’s motor vehicle, resulting in traumatic right foot injury and multiple right ankle injuries
$85,000  Livingston County auto accident resulting in injuries to knees, elbows and shoulder, and PTSD
$85,000 Grand Rapids man sustained serious low back injuries after being rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver
$85,000 Washtenaw County bicycle-automobile collision, causing 26-year-old cyclist to fall in a manner resulting in his thigh landing on an exposed bicycle chain ring, causing a severe laceration and scarring
$80,000 Settlement for 70-year-old woman who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries (not requiring surgery) after being struck by a motor vehicle while riding her bicycle in the Upper Peninsula (Iron County)
$80,000 Clinton County bicycle/auto collision resulting in fractured vertebra
$80,000 Dog bite attack in Holland, Michigan where client sustained injuries to arm after being accosted by a pit bull
$80,000 Recovery of first party auto no-fault PIP benefits from a Clinton County auto accident victim who sustained traumatic facial and dental injuries requiring oral-reconstructive surgery
$80,000 Ingham County automobile accident where our client suffered pain in sternum, right back, and right ribs, as well as a right heel fracture
$75,000 Uninsured motorist claim for a bicyclist struck by an uninsured driver on a country road in Ingham County, causing a fractured clavicle
$75,000 Dog attack in Gaylord involving a 9-year-old child, resulting in multiple lacerations, physical scarring and deformity
$74,500 Settlement for Ingham County college student who suffered minor spine fracture as passenger in friend’s car in one vehicle accident
$72,500 Grand Rapids car accident resuling in injury to our client’s shoulder and knee
$65,000 Settlement for Ingham County motorcycle driver who had accident due to homeowner’s dog running into roadway
$65,000 Attendant care claim made on behalf of decedent’s wife, where decedent suffered traumatic brain injury as a result of his involvement in a Jackson County, Michigan auto accident
$61,000 Kent County no-fault benefits dispute involving West Michigan man who was wrongful denied benefits, resulting in a settlement where insurance company paid penalty interest and attorney fees due to wrongful conduct
$60,000 Ingham County auto accident involving 50-year-old man who sustained low back injuries when hit by car in Michigan State University parking lot
$60,000 Eaton County auto accident where a 75-year-old man was attempting to turn into his driveway when he was rear-ended by drunk driver, resulting in serious injury to injury to neck and lower back
$57,000 Oakland County bicycle/auto collision resulting in a fractured wrist
$54,000 Underinsured motorist claim for 57-year-old woman who sustained multiple orthopedic injuries, including a fractured radius, after being struck by a drunk driver
$50,000 Washtenaw County bicycle/auto collision resulting in fractured wrist and toe infection
$50,000 Ingham County auto accident involving 62-year-old man, who suffered a severe concussion resulting in memory and speech deficits, traumatic brain injury, and back pain
$50,000 98-year-old woman who developed gangrene at a nursing home which was not timely recognized or treated and contributed to her premature death
$47,000 Premises liability case where Lansing woman fell at local grocery store and sustained injuries to her foot
$35,000 Livingston County auto accident resulting in an L2 compression fracture and an L5-S1 central disc protrusion