LP Gas Safety – Preventing Residential Fires and Explosions

As a Kalamazoo personal injury attorney of over 35 years, I have represented many individuals and families who have suffered serious and catastrophic burn injuries as the result of LP gas system leaks. In virtually every case, a lack of application of basic and required safety rules caused these fires and explosions. Most commonly, these instances are the result of either the desire to cut corners or a lack of training and awareness of LP gas safety rules. Better education of homeowners and improved training of those who deliver LP gas and service LP gas systems can reduce or eliminate...

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Dangers of Propane Gas – Common Causes and What to Do After a Gas Explosion and Fire


Authored by Kalamazoo injury lawyer, Steve Weston The term "natural gas" actually encompasses several types of gases, including propane, butane, ethanol, and methane. Propane is separated from these other gases and sold for residential and commercial uses. It is naturally odorless and colorless and requires the addition of an odorant so humans can detect it in case of a gas leak. Propane is pressurized into a liquid state for storage and transportation and is therefore called "liquified propane" or LP. Because of this pressurization, even a small discharge of liquified propane will create a serious hazard of ignition or explosion. While...

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Burn Survivor Attorney Steve Weston Attends 2019 World Burn Congress

2019 world burn congress image of steve weston

Kalamazoo personal injury attorney, Steven Weston, has been representing and advocating for burn survivors for 34 years. Steve has a reputation among burn treatment professionals across the nation as an attorney who has taken the time to study the medical, psycho-emotional, and social-family challenges and needs of burn survivors. He has also been active in supporting efforts at burn prevention. While Sinas Dramis has advocated for the rights of burn survivors since we opened our doors in 1951, we knew when Steve Weston joined the firm, it was an opportunity to provide additional expertise and resources to this group of...

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The Hidden and Explosive Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Update: In 2019, a proposed ban on flavored vaping products was put on a temporary hold due to individual and organization opposition. For more information, check out the video at the end of the article. E-cigarettes (also known as vape pens, electronic cigarettes, or electronic nicotine delivery systems [ENDS]) were first widely introduced to the U.S. market in 2007. Since then, the popularity of e-cigarettes has grown dramatically—and continues to expand at an incredible pace. As of 2015, an estimated 2,750,000 people use e-cigarettes in the United States. Furthermore, sales of e-cigarette devices and accessories exceed $2.8 billion dollars.1 However, with such...

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