How Medicaid Affects a Personal Injury Case

Under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the Medicaid program expanded, causing the number of those reliant on the program in the United States to greatly increase as more people became eligible. In a recent appearance on Fox 17 “Know the Law” Grand Rapids personal injury attorney Tom Sinas explains how Medicaid affects a personal injury case....

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LP Gas Safety – Preventing Residential Fires and Explosions

As a Kalamazoo personal injury attorney of over 35 years, I have represented many individuals and families who have suffered serious and catastrophic burn injuries as the result of LP gas system leaks. In virtually every case, a lack of application of basic and required safety rules caused these fires and explosions. Most commonly, these instances are the result of either the desire to cut corners or a lack of training and awareness of LP gas safety rules. Better education of homeowners and improved training of those who deliver LP gas and service LP gas systems can reduce or eliminate...

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Delivery Person Injuries – Dangerous Properties, Dog Bites, and No-Fault Benefits

Person delivering large boxes

More than ever, Americans are doing much of their shopping online. Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, delivery jobs had become one of the fastest-growing jobs for Americans. Now over the past year, with more people across the country staying home and opting to avoid traditional brick and mortar retail establishments, this trend has only further accelerated. But now, with Americans receiving more and more deliveries right to their front doors, delivery person injuries are also on the rise. Further compounding the issue, Michigan’s cold winter months create slippery conditions. Snow and ice contribute to the ever-present dangers for delivery...

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Michigan Court Rules on Youth Sports Concussion Liability

football play throwing a football

A recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling represents a major victory regarding the rights of youth athletes throughout Michigan. In a unanimous ruling in the case of  Randall v MHSAA, the Michigan Court of Appeals held that youth sports leagues that violate Michigan’s Youth Concussion Protection Statute by failing to take adequate measures in response to a suspected concussion can be subject to civil liability. This development in youth sports concussion liability is a big win for Michigan kids, providing strong protection against negligence. Youth Sports Concussion Awareness Grows Over the past several decades, American athletes and fans alike have become more...

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