How Trucking Companies Fight Lawsuits and What to Look for in a Lawyer to Challenge Them

Your life can change in the blink of an eye - and for one family, that's exactly what happened one morning in rural Michigan when a reckless commercial truck driver caused a completely preventable crash. But despite the immediate devastation, the trucking company's handling of the situation was further insult to the family's many injuries. The following is a tragic example of how trucking companies fight lawsuits, avoid liability, and treat seriously injured people based on simple factors like one's home address. This article also outlines the reason why it's paramount to find an attorney who will go to bat...

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Jury Rejects View of At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company, Returns Significant Verdict

courtroom in background words ontop say "536,000 jury verdict insurance company wrong"

Michigan personal injury attorney, Stephen Sinas, obtained justice for a Lansing motorcyclist injured by a negligent driver. After a multi-day trial in the Ingham County Circuit Court, the jury awarded the plaintiff damages in the total amount of $536,857, nearly five times the settlement offer amount.   Automobile Vs Motorcycle Case Specifics The at-fault driver caused the crash with the motorcyclist when she attempted to turn left in front of the plaintiff while he was riding on his motorcycle. The plaintiff's injuries included fractures of the second and third metatarsal in the left foot, as well as a late-diagnosed traumatic injury to the...

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Sinas Dramis Attorneys Obtain Significant Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Settlement


Grand Rapids car accident attorney, Thomas Sinas, and Lansing auto accident lawyer, Steve Sinas, dedicated a large portion of 2018 assisting one Michigan family with their complex wrongful death settlement and multiple personal injury claims. We are pleased to announce a major result of $7,775,000 on behalf of our clients. Despite best intentions, sometimes tragedy simply can't be avoided. This is the case for one particular Michigan family who has spent the last several years navigating the overwhelming aftermath of a serious automobile accident. The results of this accident included numerous traumatic injuries, psychological trauma, and the untimely death of a loved...

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$800,000 Settlement for Sexual Assault at an Apartment Complex in Chicago’s Cook County

apartment complex

A person's home is supposed to be a safe place. Unfortunately, sexual assault at an apartment complex is all too common due to inadequate security and landlord negligence. The following outlines a recent successful settlement for one Chicago resident obtained by Sinas Dramis partner and attorney, Jim Graves. Recently Jim Graves and co-counsel Jennifer Irmen of Irmen Law Group, LLC successfully settled a complicated apartment complex sexual assault case in Chicago’s Cook County Circuit Court. An $800,000 settlement on behalf of his client was obtained in early August as the jury trial in the case commenced. The case arose from a sexual assault...

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MSU Reaches $500 Million Settlement with Survivors of Larry Nassar

MSU settlement with Nassar survivors

Late Tuesday evening, May 15, 2018, Michigan State University reached a settlement with the 332 sexual abuse survivors of Larry Nassar. While the substantial MSU settlement amount cannot begin to repair the damage caused by the former physician, it is a step in the right direction of serving justice and bringing closure to the Army of Survivors. Led by Sinas Dramis partner, Jim Graves, the Sinas Dramis sexual assault attorneys, have represented multiple survivors since late 2016. This team has dedicated itself to seeking justice for the women who have spoken out so bravely against Nassar’s actions and MSU’s mishandling of the...

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Clinton County Jury Hands Down $750,000 Car Accident Verdict


A woman who sustained life-altering injuries after a taxi cab slammed into the side of her vehicle has obtained a $750,000 car accident verdict from a Clinton County jury. The woman was represented by Grand Rapids auto accident lawyer Tom Sinas in a damages lawsuit against not only the taxi cab driver, but also the vehicle owner and the taxi cab company. Facts Leading Up To $750,000 Car Accident Verdict On October 30, 2014, the plaintiff's vehicle was t-boned by a taxi cab in DeWitt Township, Michigan. At the time, the plaintiff was a 53-year-old woman who had worked at a law firm...

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Multi-Million Dollar Settlement in Michigan Wrongful Death Case

Scale of Justice

Sinas Dramis Attorneys James F. Graves and Joel T. Finnell Obtain a Multi-Million Dollar Settlement in a Michigan Wrongful Death Case Sinas Dramis Attorneys James F. Graves and Joel T. Finnell recently obtained a multi-million dollar settlement in a Michigan wrongful death case involving a motorcycle accident that occurred in a construction zone of a Michigan freeway. The crash was caused by a hazardous roadway condition created by the highway contractor during construction. There were no warning signs alerting motorists of the condition, and there were no construction barrels placed over the hazard to protect motorists. As a result, the motorcyclist...

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Mid-Michigan Physician Found Not Guilty of Violating Federal “Anti-Kickback” Statute

On November 30, 2012, a jury in the Federal Court for the Western District of Michigan in Grand Rapids found a mid-Michigan physician not guilty in a criminal case involving alleged kickbacks for referrals of medical treatments.  The federal prosecutor had originally charged nine (9) defendants in Western Michigan with Conspiracy to Receive Kickbacks and Soliciting and Receiving Kickbacks in violation of the federal “Anti-Kickback” statute.  The Defendants were doctors, and other providers of medical services such as physician assistants, physical therapists and medical assistants. All of the defendants in the case, except for the physician who chose to go to...

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Bryan Waldman Obtains Jury Verdict for Dog Bite Victim – Leads to Successful Settlement

Sinas Dramis Law Firm partner, Bryan Waldman, recently obtained a substantial jury verdict for a dog bite victim in the Ingham County Circuit Court in Lansing, Michigan. The verdict was in the amount of $326,151.00 and believed to be one of the largest dog bite jury verdicts ever obtained in Ingham County. Our client was an elementary school teacher and avid runner. One morning while out for a run, she was attacked by a German Shepard. After suddenly and violently knocking our client to the ground, the German Shepard circled around her, growling and threatening to attack again. Our client’s physical...

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