Health Insurance for College Students

If you have a college student, it’s a very exciting time of year. Moving out, starting new classes, and furnishing first apartments is a milestone many Michigan families look forward to. But there’s one more to-do item Grand Rapids car accident attorney, Tom Sinas, discussed recently on Fox 17 Know the Law: health insurance for college students.

Health Insurance Options for Students

Today’s college student actually has quite a few options when it comes to health insurance coverage. The following are the best places to start looking.

Coverage through the university. Many universities actually offer health insurance for college students, especially larger institutions. This can be an affordable place to begin your search. Be sure to do your homework though to ensure the coverage offered is sufficient for your student. You don’t want to figure it out too late.

Parent’s health insurance. One of the defining characteristics of the Affordable Care Act was the extension of age limits for coverage. Children can now remain on their parent’s plan until the age of twenty-six. This is great news for a lot of college students. It means many traditional undergrads don’t have to worry about buying their own health insurance. Even graduate students can benefit from this higher age limit and focus solely on academics.

Healthcare exchange. Another great place to look for health insurance for college students is your state’s exchange or marketplace, also created by the Affordable Care Act. Buying through the exchange means you are purchasing your own insurance and paying for it yourself, but there are many helpful resources and tools so you can compare features, coverages, and premiums.

Auto No-Fault — Premiere Health Insurance for College Students Injured in an Accident

One final note about health insurance that many people overlook is Michigan’s unique no-fault system is the best health insurance for students injured in automobile accidents. Even if the student isn’t taking a car to school with them, they will likely ride with others or bike and walk across campus. In the unfortunate event of a collision with a vehicle, they need to be covered under a no-fault policy for adequate care and rehabilitation.

Parents, be sure to add health insurance to you to-do list as the fall and back to school is in full swing!