10 Warning Signs for People Injured in Michigan Auto Accidents  

Getting into a crash is never something you want to happen, but, unfortunately, crashes happen every day in Michigan.  If you are injured in a crash, you must be aware of the challenges you may face under these new laws. In a recent episode of WLAJ’s “In the Name of The Law” Lansing Car Accident Attorneys Katie Tucker and Steve Sinas, provide 10 warning signs for people injured in Michigan accidents....

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Auto No-Fault Lawsuit Challenges New Medical Provider Fee Schedule

medical professional pushing person in a wheelchair

Several developments, in this case, occurred in late 2020 and early 2021. An integral member of the legal team handling this case, Lansing auto accident attorney, Lauren Kissel, provides further updates on the auto no-fault lawsuit here. We recently wrote about our current lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Michigan's recent no-fault reform, specifically the new limits on family provided attendant care and the egregious fee schedule that applies to non-Medicare compensable services. In the previous article, we discussed at length the in-home attendant care challenges. In this second installment, we will further discuss the constitutionality of the new medical provider fee...

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