Steve Sinas Joins Brain Injury Organization Board

Lansing personal injury lawyer is elected to board of the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council

Please help us congratulate Steve Sinas on his election to the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council (MBIPC) board! Established in 1987, MBIPC is an organization that brings together a number of organizations across the state who are interested in one thing: making our state a better place for brain injury survivors and their families. Many of the members of the MBIPC are providers who serve the brain injury community in a number of ways.

Serving on the leadership of the MBIPC is just another way Steve gives back to the brain injury community here in Michigan. First and foremost of course, as a personal injury lawyer at the firm he works tirelessly on behalf of brain injury survivors and others who have sustained personal injury, fighting so they not only have access to the care and benefits they need (especially if they were injured in car accidents), but also so that those whose negligence resulted in the harm are brought to justice.

In addition to his advocacy on behalf of his clients, Steve Sinas also works with CPAN, serving as Associate General Counsel. As part of the CPAN Legal Team (which is also comprised of George Sinas, who is the CPAN General Counsel, and Tom Sinas, who also serves as Associate General Counsel).

Steve’s service on the board is just one example of how the attorneys at the Sinas Dramis Law Firm give back to the community – whether it’s serving on the board of an organization such as the MBIPC or through speaking at educational seminars to educate the public about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

We look forward to seeing what Steve will accomplish as part of the leadership team of the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council.