Sinas Dramis Attorneys Teach Students About Michigan Auto No-Fault Law


Michigan auto no-fault law is tricky to understand, especially given the legislative changes in recent years and the numerous court decisions interpreting the No-Fault Act. That is why Lansing auto accident lawyers George Sinas, Bryan Waldman and Stephen Sinas take time out of their busy schedules to teach soon-to-be attorneys at Michigan State University College of Law about Michigan auto no-fault law.

The three attorneys, who are partners at the Sinas Dramis Law Firm in Lansing and Grand Rapids, have been adjunct professors at Michigan State University College of Law for several years.


Stephen Sinas

With six decades of combined experience handling Michigan auto no-fault law cases, George, Bryan and Stephen tag-team to teach the popular “Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Law” course at MSU. The class provides law students with a thorough and practical understanding of Michigan auto no-fault law and is typically broken down into the following topics:


Along with the assigned reading of significant Michigan auto no-fault case law, students use a textbook co-authored by George titled “Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law in Michigan – Revised” (2015 edition). Students also take advantage of a brochure called The Michigan Auto No-Fault Law: Your Rights & Benefits,” written by George and other Sinas Dramis partners, and available exclusively for free through the Sinas Dramis Law Firm.

Bryan, a competitive cyclist, also focuses a significant portion of his practice on Michigan bicycle law and the relationship between motorists, cyclists and Michigan auto no-fault law. Bryan brings a unique perspective to the MSU class.

Each year, George, Stephen and Bryan look forward to teaching MSU students about Michigan auto no-fault law and to sharing their expertise with up-and-coming attorneys.