Sinas Dramis Law Firm Attorneys Settle Motorcycle Crash Case for $2.6 Million


Sinas Dramis Law Firm Attorneys Bryan Waldman and Lauren Kissel are pleased to report their recent settlement of $2,600,000 on behalf of their client who was catastrophically injured during a motorcycle crash in Ingham County. Explanation of Motorcycle Case and Settlement This case involves the issue of entitlement to no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) benefits for a motorcyclist who was blinded by the high beam lights of an oncoming vehicle while driving during early morning hours, causing him to fail to navigate the curve in the road and go off the road into a ditch. As a result of this collision, Plaintiff...

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Michigan Motorcycle Street Legal Requirements and Safety

Motorcycle Legally Driving Down Roadway

In Michigan, there is no better sign of spring and summer than the sound of a motorcycle cruising down the roadway. There’s a lot to consider when riding a motorcycle, including how you do so safely and whether you are following the state’s legal requirements. Grand Rapids motorcycle accident lawyer Tom Sinas went through the basics of Michigan motorcycle street legal requirements in an appearance on Fox 17 Know the Law, where he also offered safety tips for both riders and other motorists who share the road. https://youtu.be/wDjI7DzCzho Who can Ride Under Michigan Motorcycle Street Legal Requirements? In Michigan, those looking to ride a motorcycle need...

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Motorcycles, Company Cars, and the No-Fault “Choice” Fallacy

motorcycle driving on asphalt

Proponents of the auto no-fault insurance overhaul known as Publics Acts 21 & 22 heralded the era of “choice.” Supporters of the amended law argued that everyone will benefit when consumers can choose various monetary limits on no-fault PIP benefits for allowable expenses. While this claim might have been adept marketing, its premise and implementation are flawed.   The Risk of Loss from Car Accidents is Notoriously Unpredictable   Can a consumer accurately make an informed choice about auto insurance that provides coverage for medical care following a car accident,? For some insurance (e.g. homeowners or life insurance) the risk of loss is...

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Motorcycles and the New Auto No-Fault Law

Motorcycle handlebars riding on road

We've been talking a lot about the changes happening to Michigan's auto no-fault law. You can read all about these changes to our no-fault system here. Additionally, our firm created "Making Smart Choices" - a comprehensive guide to helping consumers make educated auto insurance decisions. Many are also wondering about motorcycles and the new auto no-fault law. This article will give you the basics. Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tom Sinas and Lansing Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bryan Waldman both spoke to the media about the new auto insurance impacts on motorcyclists. Tom Sinas on Fox 17 "Know the Law" in West Michigan Bryan...

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Jury Rejects View of At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company, Returns Significant Verdict

courtroom in background words ontop say "536,000 jury verdict insurance company wrong"

Michigan personal injury attorney, Stephen Sinas, obtained justice for a Lansing motorcyclist injured by a negligent driver. After a multi-day trial in the Ingham County Circuit Court, the jury awarded the plaintiff damages in the total amount of $536,857, nearly five times the settlement offer amount.   Automobile Vs Motorcycle Case Specifics The at-fault driver caused the crash with the motorcyclist when she attempted to turn left in front of the plaintiff while he was riding on his motorcycle. The plaintiff's injuries included fractures of the second and third metatarsal in the left foot, as well as a late-diagnosed traumatic injury to the...

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Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accident – What Every Motorcyclist in Michigan Should Know


Everyone knows Michigan is a no-fault auto insurance state. Under the No-Fault Act, priorities are established that determine which insurer is responsible for paying the injured person's benefits. But, interestingly enough, motorcyclists occupy a strange place with regard to no-fault priorities in Michigan, especially when it comes to motorcycle hit-and-run accidents. Motorcycles aren't considered motor vehicles in Michigan. Therefore, they aren't required to carry no-fault coverage. Yet motorcyclists may still collect no-fault benefits if they're injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Order of No-Fault Priorities for Motorcyclists While the no-fault statute mandates that motorists seek benefits from their own insurer first,...

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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Dangerous or a Rider Necessity?


In an increasingly connected world, it’s no wonder hands-free communication is essential for operators of both automobiles and motorcycles. And for motorcyclists, the newest player on the scene is the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. These helmets wirelessly connect rider-to-rider, or rider to their mobile device. Once connected, riders are alerted to incoming calls, can listen to music, or receive navigation instructions. Without a doubt, hands-free connectivity is important for keeping eyes on the road. After all, nothing is scarier than seeing someone operate such a powerful bike with one hand, and a cell phone with the other. But the question begs to be...

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Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law – A Complete Guide


It’s the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the deeper connection to your natural environment from the seat of your motorcycle. And there’s nothing else quite like it. We get the reasons you ride.  But as personal injury attorneys that represent countless riders seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, we hope you'll take the time to fully understand Michigan's motorcycle helmet law before deciding whether or not to wear a helmet. While the choice, in most cases, is ultimately up to you, we know that knowledge is power. So next time you hop on your bike, keep this information in...

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