Delivery Person Injuries – Dangerous Properties, Dog Bites, and No-Fault Benefits

Person delivering large boxes

More than ever, Americans are doing much of their shopping online. Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, delivery jobs had become one of the fastest-growing jobs for Americans. Now over the past year, with more people across the country staying home and opting to avoid traditional brick and mortar retail establishments, this trend has only further accelerated. But now, with Americans receiving more and more deliveries right to their front doors, delivery person injuries are also on the rise. Further compounding the issue, Michigan’s cold winter months create slippery conditions. Snow and ice contribute to the ever-present dangers for delivery...

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How is a Supreme Court Justice Appointed?

US Supreme Court, appointing supreme court justices

The recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has caused the process of how our Country selects Supreme Court Justices to become a focal point of public discourse. The significance of this process and the importance of an independent judiciary justifies the thought and attention of all U.S. citizens....

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Differences Between Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

service dog and emotional support animals

Dogs are not just "man's best friend" but go by a range of names and perform a variety of useful functions, from service dogs or guide dogs to emotional support animals. Obtaining one of these animals can be a life-changing experience for a person who truly needs their specialized support, care, and services, and understanding the rules and regulations that apply to each classification of these animals is important....

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Do I Have to Buy Car Insurance in Michigan?

car dash board person driving

[vc_row triangle_shape="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]We cannot tell you how many people contact our firm after a car crash wondering what their rights are if they were driving without insurance at the time of the collision. These are often difficult intakes to field. More often than not, an uninsured driver’s rights are very, very limited in Michigan. This is true even if the other driver was totally at-fault for the collision. And with so much going on in our state’s auto insurance system currently, many people still wonder “do I have to buy car insurance in Michigan?” and “what happens if I’m in a...

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Motorcycles and the New Auto No-Fault Law

Motorcycle handlebars riding on road

We've been talking a lot about the changes happening to Michigan's auto no-fault law. You can read all about these changes to our no-fault system here. Additionally, our firm created "Making Smart Choices" - a comprehensive guide to helping consumers make educated auto insurance decisions. Many are also wondering about motorcycles and the new auto no-fault law. This article will give you the basics. Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tom Sinas and Lansing Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bryan Waldman both spoke to the media about the new auto insurance impacts on motorcyclists. Tom Sinas on Fox 17 "Know the Law" in West Michigan Bryan...

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Understanding Your Legal Right to Protest

Protest in front of Lansing Michigan capitol building

The recent egregious deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have resulted in an enormous outpouring of emotions across the country. People want to do something to acknowledge that our criminal justice system treats Black people differently than it treats White people, and, as a result, protests have been held in every single state in the last week. Sinas Dramis Law Firm is encouraged to see people exercising their legal right to protest and bring about positive change in this country. However, certain risks are involved when attending a protest, and it's vitally important protesters understand their legal rights...

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Michigan Drone Laws – Privacy, Registration, and Where to Fly

drone flying over field at sunset with "michigan drone laws"

Drones have become the hot new item over the last several years. In fact, the FAA claims there are more than a million drones in the United States alone. A relatively new technology, flying a drone is a great hobby that gets people outdoors more and can be a great past-time for individuals and families alike. However, whether you're an aerial photographer grabbing the sickest shots of the Michigan coast, or an amateur backyard enthusiast, it's your responsibility to understand Michigan drone laws. Attorney Bryan Waldman was on WLNS 6 Legal Edge recently explaining what drone operators can and can't...

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